How to Clone Volvo CEM R5F64525 with Orange5?

Need to clone Volvo V60 CEM R5F64525KFD (Part number 31327996 BG9T-14C256-GA).  Which tool will read and write this mcu?


Xhorse VVDI Prog: only supports reading.

Yanhua Mini ACDP: supports reading only.


You have a couple of options:

1). Read pin with VVDI Prog/Yanhua ACDP and input it to I/O Terminal or OBDSTAR DC706 (DC706 will not read pin, it will ask for pin code), then clone it by OBD

2). Original Orange5 or some v1.35 or v1.36 new type of clone or v1.34 clone from 2017 or 2018

3). Original Xprog programmer.


Decided to connect v1.34 Orange5 to read as R5F64524KFD instead of R5F64525KFD. Before attempting, checked memory addressing in datasheets of both MCUs and it clearly showed that everything except the bigger (1024 KB for R5F64525KFD) flash is identical (R5F64524KFD has 768 KB flash).

Decided to first play with actual R5F64524KFD to make sure mthe Orange5 is working with at least correct MCU properly.
Spent quite a bunch of time to figure out connection, but figured it out and connected as follows:

Orange5 Clone Volvo Cem 1 Orange5 Clone Volvo Cem 2

Red, Purple to VCC
Black, Grey to GND
Blue to RXD
Green to TXD
Yellow to RST
Orange to PXD

But, unfortunately, it didnt read it… “RST signal low” or something like that…
Digged further, figured out you have to cut the reset pin here:

Orange5 Clone Volvo Cem 3

After cutting reset on PCB, the orange5 clone read and write every area (D flash, Eeprom, Flash).

Moved onto R5F64525KFD, took the donor unit (same part numbers), tried reading – and it WORKED!
Read original unit Dflash and Eeprom, connect back to donor, confidently press “write”…..
Dflash went smooth, written, but goddamn Eeprom kept on giving me error (cant write block 0x1802)…
After spending couple hours playing with settings and connection, i found out that if i fill 0x1800-0x1802 with FF, it moves further and gives error at 0x1842…
Right! Filled 0x1840-0x1842 with FF too, and it worked, written correctly.

Test on car – starts and drives, previous problems (changed CEM initially) are not present….
There is DTC in CEM about internal EEPROM error, but as soon as you clear it, never comes back.

Good luck, just fill the bytes described above with FF, cut AND SOLDER BACK WHEN FINISHED, and you can read/write Eeprom and Dflash of R5F64525KFD with old Orange 5!

Hope it ever helps somebody.



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