BMW X5 F15 2014+ Coding: Vgate iCar 2 +Bimmercode Done!


A few words to share my experience of the Vgate iCar 2 OBDII code reader.   Budget: 50 usd for X5 coding   Car & purpose: BMW 2014+ X5 F15 head unit coding   Purchase: Around 20usd with free shipping… Continue Reading

Best Car Code Reader: Vident? Foxwell? Autophix? Autel? Launch?

Which is the best handheld OBD2 car code reader? Here, we list the most populous obd2 diagnostic tool here for comparison, incl Vident iEasy 300 Pro, Foxwell NT301, Autophox OM126, Autel AL519 and Launch Creader VI.     Scanning features… Continue Reading