Thinkdiag vs Carly vs Torque Pro App

Thinkdiag, Carly and Torque pro scanner which is better? What’s the bad and good? Check the advantages and disadvantages of each obd2 scanner below.


Thinkdiag App:

The ThinkDiag from ThinkCar is full bidirectional; it can do most of the tricks of a $3,000 tool except for stuff that absolutely requires a J-box like firmware updates. It’ll do bidirectional actuation tests, settings, variant coding. Currently on sale from the manufacturer for $89, which includes all functions for ALL makes of car for one year.

Thinkdiag Scanner


  • The pricing is much more favorable than the “full pro” tools:
  • True bi-directional testing! it is same as Launch X431 Pro and similar
  • full system diagnosis + 16 special functions
  • able to activate full brands with service functions unlocked
  • able to see data that other cheaper scanners couldn’t do
  • Downloading the app and setup was very easy.
  • It works ok, very portable
  • ThinkDiag uses your iOS or Android phone or tablet as the interface, and the user interface is pretty similar to Launch tools.


  • You do have to pay an annual software update/license fee for the enhanced/bidirectional software. (Basic OBDII always works.)
  • The locked bootloader can only work on thinkdiag server. After the subscription expires it turns to a normal usb dongle and they want $40 dollars per make.


ThinkCar always offers a deal to unlock everything for about $75/yr.

Dirt cheap compared to the annual fees for a $3,000 tool.


Carly App:

Carly is the most versatile OBD2 scanner with diagnostic insights, coding, and maintenance functions.

Carly Scanner


  • Bluetooh connection
  • Great price for value
  • Compatible with iOS and Android and lifetime warranty
  • Works with over 80 car brands
  • Advanced features such as car coding and repair guides
  • Free app lets you monitor your car’s health, tells the severity of your issue, clears engine codes, and more


  • Need to purchase an app license
  • The app has several critical in-app purchases that could make the app expensive to run.
  • The adapter of Carly is hard to remove because of the soft head.
  • While all car brands are supported, some advanced features are only available on specific makes/models
  • Extremely unclear pricing. Users must purchase the adapter first, then download the Lite app to find out which specific features are supported for their vehicle and how much they will cost.


Torque Pro

Torque is a vehicle / car performance / diagnostics tool and scanner that uses an OBD II Bluetooth adapter to connect to your OBD2 engine management / ECU.

Torque App 1


  • Affordable scanner, in comparison to an external diagnostic device, it is wallet-friendly
  • Compatible with Android and iOS, you can use your Android phone or tablet to read data.
  • Numerous live parameters are available (torque, speed, fuel consumption).
  • Compatible with a wide array of OBD2 adapters.
  • The app shows error codes that can also be deleted.
  • The manufacturer’s website is available for more detailed error analysis.
  • Free OBD2 mobile application


  • Most of the technical terms are in English. Data displays are often in German, but these are not implemented consistently.
  • There is no version for Apple iOS devices at the time of writing.
  • The real-time display is very small, so that reading while driving should only be done by a passenger in order to avoid accidents.
  • Not all live data is equally available for all vehicle models.
  • Coding is not possible.
  • Various tests showed that not all errors were recognized and readout.
  • The Torque Pro diagnostic device essentially only records engine data.
  • Features limited to engine data only
  • Need some car knowledge to interpret raw data and charts
  • Only 2 year warranty


Thinkdiag vs Carly vs Torque Pro Summarized

  • They all offer a wide range of functions and additional useful background information, such as live information on fuel consumption, speed, or outside temperature. However, there are pros and cons which will be assessed accordingly.
  • Thinkdiag and Carly have coding possibilities, but Carly coding feature is limited to certain brands only. Torque pro has no coding feature at all.
  • Thinkdiag app and Carly are only available with an annual subscription for the full version. The subscription is automatically extended by one year if it is not canceled 24 hours prior to expiry.
  • When reading odometer manipulation through the “Carly Used Car Check”, Carly does not indicate which control devices it has evaluated for analysis.
  • Thinkdiag may not as good as a Launch or Autel scanner, but for a DIYer you can’t beat the bargain. You get as much of the high-end functionality as you’re likely to need (and be safe using), at a vastly lower price.
  • Carly scanner the help line and delivery wasn’t very good and it seem to be only German cars and they may change how they work.


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