How to Activate ADAS Software on Launch X431 PAD VII Pro5?

Launch X431 Adas Activation Card 1

Here we will walk you through how to activate ADAS software on your Launch X431 diagnostic scanners (PAD VII, PAD V, Pro5 etc). Preparation: Purchase Launch X431 ADAS activation card here LAUNCH ADAS Software Activation Card activates ADAS Static Calibration function for any LAUNCH… Continue Reading

Launch X431 Key Programming Update ’Device No Response‘ Solution

Launch X431 Pad Vii Not Read Transponder 1

Recently some users reported that they had the error “Device no response” when updating Launch X431 key programming software/firmware.   Example 1: Failed to clone transponder with Launch X431 PAD VII and X-prog3, data communication failed. PAD 7 asks to… Continue Reading