Scripts to Read Renesas RH850 MCU’s with Iprog+ Clone


I share scripts to read Renesas RH850 MCU’s with Iprog+ using Serial Nº1, connections diagram also included. password: Archive password=   w@wRoturbo_Renesas_RH850 Credits to @RoTor  Roturbo R7F7010023 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010024 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010033 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010034 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010063 (1094Kb+64Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010064 (1094Kb+64Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010073 (1094Kb+64Kb+32Kb).ipr… Continue Reading

How to Install RenoLink V1.87 Renault OBD2 Software on Windows 7?

Renault Link V187

Latest version Renolink 1.87 Renault airbag/ecu/key obd software installation step-by-step.   Software version: v1.87 Language: English and French Operating system: Windows 7 32bit and 64 bit   Free Download RenoLink OBD Renault V1.87 Software Password: xxv3xl Renault OBD2 Renolink… Continue Reading