2M2 Magic Tank App, Database, Clamp etc FAQs

2m2 Key Cutting Machine

Here obdii365.com collects frequently asked questions and answers of 2m2 Magic Tank key cutting machine.     Q: If you look at for example an x6/v8 machine all the grooves in the key vice have numbers.The x6/v8 tells you on the screen where to line up the tip of the key!!!Do i have to guess where to put the tip of the key on this machine? A: 2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine is easy to learn,easy to use,easy operate.When you use this machine to decode any key… Continue Reading

Kukai SEC-E9 vs. Alpha All-in-One Key Cutting Machine


Both Alpha and SEC-E9 key cutting machines are developed by Hunan Kukai company.  What’s the difference between these two machine? Check Tablet Comparison below: Comparison Sheet Details SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Alpha Key Cutting Machine Appearance Industrialize Modernize Screen E9: 7″ Touch… Continue Reading

Lishi HU66 Auto Pick VW Vehicle Coverage and User Guide


About: HU66 lock and pick hu66 lishi hu66 lock lishi hu66 lock pick lishi hu66 car list lishi hu66 user guide   in detail…   hu66 lock source: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/hu66-traning-lock.html   hu66 pick source: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/lishi-for-audi-ford-vw-porsche-seat-skoda-hu66-2-in-1-auto-pick-and-decoder-1073.html   lishi hu66 lock pick:  … Continue Reading