Xhorse Key Reader Questions and Answers

An increasing number of users are interested in Xhorse Key Reader, and asked some questions that Xhorse engineer think It is necessary to make an answer in this article so that more people are familiar with this device.


Question 1. why experts develop Xhorse Key Reader?

Answer: well the reader has three significant features:

  1. It is able to identify aluminum keys, plastic keys as well as metal keys. Aluminum keys and plastic keys are not supported in key cutting machines and it’s a big troublesome to get the bitting code, so key reader greatly compensates for that.

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  1. Probe breaking can be avoided using key reader.

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  1. Xhorse Key Reader is much more accurate and faster than taking a photo to identify key data.


Question 2. Will key reader work on APP?

Answer: Sure, you can either use your smartphone or key cutting machines like Dolphin XP-005 or use a key cutting machine with green such as Condor XC-Mini Plus / XP-005L to copy a key.

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By smartphone, you can obtain key bitting and cut a key with a key cutting machine. By using key cutting machines with screens, you can directly cut the key with simple clicks on the machine.

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Question 3. does Xhorse Blade Skimmer support edge cut keys?

Answer: yes we’ll demonstrate the process.

Just insert the key and click “identification” on the screen.

Job is done, it is very easy, right?

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Question 4. does Xhorse Key Reader identify HU162T?

Answer: HU162T decoder is mainly for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda cars.

Though it’s special with 3 sides, it is metal keys. So, for sure key reader is able to identify it.

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Question 5. Does Xhorse Key Reader identify Honda keys?

Answer: definitely, it’s acknowledged that Honda keys tend to wear off easily.

yet you can still acquire accurate key bitting results with key reader.

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Question 6. Does Xhorse Key Reader support plastic / aluminum keys?

Answer: sure, that’s the biggest advantage of this tool.

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Question 7. how much is Xhorse Key Reader and when will it be available?

Answer: for the price, Xhorse will set a list price for the product global, for example, Key Reader retails at $350, and for the varied country, it takes a varied amount of time for the device to be shipped. It is suggested to contact your area dealer for detailed purchase info, i.e



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