Top 8 BMW FRM3 Repairing Tools Reviews + Procedure

Car model and year: BMW Mini E81 / E71 with FRM3 (BMW Footwell Module).


Purpose: repair BMW FRM3


Possible Tools to repair FRM3:

1.Xhorse VVDI Prog

2. Yanhua Mini ACDP

3. CG Pro 9S12

4. Hextag programmer

5.Xprog M Box

6.Autel MaxiSys scanner

7. Orange 5

8. Autel IM608/IM508 XP400


VVDI PROG repair FRM3: confirmed

I have not had any trouble yet with my VVDI prog.

When using vvdi prog, you must first write partition (choose dflash 0kb) and ALSO write your new eeprom file. Function Write partition does not write your .bin eeprom file.


Step-by-step procedure:

BMW E-series E71 for example.

Step 1: Read Dflash

Connect FRM module with VVDI-prog

Open VVDIprog software

Select MCU->Motorola -MC9S12->9S12XEQ384 unsecured

Vvdi Prog Bmw Frm3 1

If vvdi prompts “Partition information error, please select the partition size manually”

Vvdi Prog Bmw Frm3 3

Select the partition size EEE:0 sector, DFlash: 128 sectors (32K), press OK

Vvdi Prog Bmw Frm3 4

Read and then save Dflash, i.e E71 xe


Step 2: Dflash to Eeprom 

Vvdi Prog Bmw Frm3 5

Open Dflash to EEE for FRM3 Software, upload Dflash data just read

Vvdi Prog Bmw Frm3 6

Then convert Dflash to eeprom.

(You can use free online FRM3 D-Flash to EEPROM converter here as well:

Save eeprom, i.e: eee_L508991.bin


Step 3: Write EEPROM

Back to VVDI Prog software, select Type 8-Others->BMW->FRM E-series XEQ384

Click Write Partition (will erase Dflash and eeprom data)

Vvdi Prog Bmw Frm3 7

Write EEPROM partition to 16 sectors (4K), DFLASH: 0 sector

Vvdi Prog Bmw Frm3 8

Open EEPROM data just converted from Dflash.

Vvdi Prog Bmw Frm3 9

Click Write tab to write eeprom

Reset FRM success.

Vvdi Prog Bmw Frm3 10

Install FRM module back to vehicle.



BMW FRM 2M25J/3M25J(9S12XEQ384) pinout to VVDI-Prog.



BMW FRM F-series 2M25J (MC9S12XET512) pinout to VVDIProg.


You can use VVDI BMW to do coding.





Yanhua Mini ACDP

ACDP Mini+ FRM adapter repair FRM3: confirmed

It depends on the chip types.

Connect the Yanhua Mini ACDP device and BDM adapter with the FRM unit.

Backup data before operation.

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 02

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 03

Run Mini ACDP app on a mobile

Select BMW->FRM Programming->ICP MC9S12XEQ384 MASK: 3M25J

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 04

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 05

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 06

Select FRM Data Recovery (Automatic mode)

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 07

Detect pins and probe connection

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 08

Reading chip data

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 09

Read and display chip data

Check the data. If reads D-Flash as 32K, the FRM module data is corrupted.
If reads EEPROM data as 4K , FRM module data is not corrupted.

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 110

Uploading data

Auto saved D-flash to Yanhua Mini ACDP file folder

Show programming data

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 11


Verifying data

Acdp Read Write E81 Frm3 12


FRM data recovery completed.




CG Pro repair BMW FRM: confirmed


1: Check car model

Car model: BMW E series

Module: FRM

Chip: 9S12XEQ384


2: Turn off the ignition switch and remove the FRM module from the driving left foot of the car

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 2


3: Disassemble FRM module and confirm the SN, type and chip

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 3

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 4

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 5

4: Open CG PRO software

Select type, car make and model

Follow the corresponding wiring diagram to connect FRM module to CG PRO 9S12 programmer via DB25 adapter

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 6

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 7

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 8

5: Read EEPROM data and save

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 9

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 10

6: Write the data has been read or new data after partition operation

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 11

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 12

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 13

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 14

Cg Pro 9s12 Repair Bmw Frm 15

After finishing repair the data, install the FRM module back to the car, and set code for FRM by CGDI BMW key programmer.



HexTag repair a module FRM3: confirmed

You don’t have to buy AutoHex, you can buy HexTag separately.
Step-by-step procedure:

Go to Microtronik HexProg main menu, software 1.0.6 for example.

Click on “On Bench Programmer”-> “BMW”-> “FRM”-> “FRM3 E Series”

Hextag Bmw Frm Repair 01

Click on “Wiring” to follow it to connect.

Hextag Bmw Frm Repair 02
Click on “Read” and get message “ Error on reading EEPROM shows the files in FRM3 is corrupted”.

Hextag Bmw Frm Repair 03

Click on “P-FLASH” and then “Read”.

To check the communication with FRM you can try to read the P-flash.

Hextag Bmw Frm Repair 04

Click on “EEE” -> “Read” again, Click on “Repair” and get message “This function is used to repair corrupted FRM EEPROM data. It will try to recover the original data from D-Flash, if it failed please contact Microtronik for help”, go on click on “Repair”.

Hextag Bmw Frm Repair 05

FRM EEPROM data has been repaired.

Hextag Bmw Frm Repair 06

When it shows the FRM Repair prompt again, just close it.

Hextag Bmw Frm Repair 08

Now we can read EEE shows FRM is back to normal state.

Hextag Bmw Frm Repair 09

You are advised to code FRM using AutoHex after repair.



Xprog M repair FRM3: Need Luck

Xprog M box (UPA as well) is the cheapest device to read fault FRM3 data. But it is not stable as other programmers.

Some will have these kinds of issues a lot when use Xprog clone to repair FRM’s.

You can hook the frm back to the xprog and made a backup of the EEE and pflash. Then perform coding using WinKFP/Ncs expert.

Check guide here:

Xprog m+WinKFP fix dead FRM3 on BMW R56




Autel MaxiSys Scanner repair FRM: succeed

i.e MaxiSys Elite on a 328i 2010, Program new BMW Footwell Module

Autel Maxisys Elite Bmw Frm 1

Select Diagnostics->Programming

Autel Maxisys Elite Bmw Frm 2
Identify vehicle information

Autel Maxisys Elite Bmw Frm 3
Maxisys Elite will communicate with all control units and firetue out their programmed status

Autel Maxisys Elite Bmw Frm 4
Click Yes and select Footwell Module

Autel Maxisys Elite Bmw Frm 5

Autel Maxisys Elite Bmw Frm 6
Select Programming and Coding->Selective Update

Autel Maxisys Elite Bmw Frm 7
Click OK and Click “Execute Measurement Plan”
Make sure the Maxisys is connected to the internet
Download file
Download completed. Press OK to continue.
Deactivate Bluetooth. Connect Maxisys with USB cable.
Turn off engine.
Switch on terminal 15 (ignition)

Autel Maxisys Elite Bmw Frm 9
Programming in progress until process to 100%

Autel Maxisys Elite Bmw Frm 10
Turn the ignition off and then remove the key with remote control from key slot
Then wait for 10s. Insert a key with remote control in key slot and turn the ignition on.

Autel Maxisys Elite Bmw Frm 11

Follow scanner prompts until succeed.



Repair BMW FRM3 by Orange 5 programmer 

All steps for FRM3 ( (BMW Footwell Module)) with Orange5 to read – erase – set new partition and program it with new eeprom file and P-Flash.

How to Repair BMW Mini FRM3 with Orange5 Programmer?

Autel IM608 Repair FRM3 Yes

Check step by step instructions here

Can Autel IM608 Repair BMW FRM3 Module?



There are several devices you can used to perform FRM coding job:  BMW ICOM Engineering software Ncs expert, Launch X431 V,  VVDI BMW, CGDI BMW, Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P etc

To be upgrading…