Can Autel IM608 Repair BMW FRM3 Module?

Autel MaxiIM IM608 test report: try to repair BMW FRM 3 module, I can read P-Flash but won’t read D-flash.

Look at the image below, I connect IM608 to XP400 and to BDM frame:

Repair Bmw Frm3 Module 01

However, one user @ Dan Vasquez have used autel to clone good FRM to fix broken.

He feedback:

I have used autel to clone good FRM to fix broken. If you have known good files it will write and repair FRM.


You have virgin eeprom file and then you must first write partition. 16 sectors for eee prom (4kb).

the frm3r same from e70 is not the same as e88, I’m not sure about e88. I have some good modules at my shop. I just haven’t had time to make data dumps of all.


A question followed: has anybody successfully repaired a BMW FRM 3 module with any other programmer?

The answer is yes. More users successfully use Xprog / VVDI Prog / UPA / orange 5.


Review 1. Used UPA all the time and xprog too, just have to set partitions as said.


Review 2. xprog works fine on my experience.


Review 3. I do it with orange 5 5min job


Review 4. I use upa already sorted out 2 articles:

Top 7 BMW FRM3 Repairing Tools Reviews + Procedure

How to repair BMW Mini FRM3 with Orange5 programmer?



In addition, more clients are interested in “What base you use? (in the image 1) “.

It is just a standard metal BDM frame and probes I use for bench ecu tuning. Works really well.

This is the BDM frame I got it $95 dollars:

Repair Bmw Frm3 Module 02


This link will tell you more about that plastic BDM frame and probes with the holes in it:


Hope it helps!