CG100 Repair Land Rover Discovery 4 2015 Airbag SRS FH22-14D374-AC


How to: Repair Land Rover Discover 4 year 2015 Airbag SRS control module ECU FH22-14D374-AC. Vehicle: Discovery 4 Year: 2015 Airbag type: FH22-14D374-AC Chip type: XC2361A-56F Device: CG100 Prog III airbag reset tool + BDM+4 adapter Airbag indicator flashes on dashboard Remove Discovery4… Continue Reading

How to Download and Install Carprog full V10.93 Software


2018 latest Carprog 10.93 software is verified working with caprog full China clone ecu programmers.  Check step-by-step installation guide below:     CarProg 10.93 software Free download on Mega:!nocVzTAa!nogT0lnb7vjmjBScxURAF72sSn12m9RqcKuwNAyMtms   CarProg 10.93 activation: No need activation!   Operating System:… Continue Reading