How to Activate Alientech KESS3 DynoDrive Function?

What is DynoDrive?

As anticipated in May 2024, DynoDrive is the new paid feature available for Alientech KESS3 that can measure car performance before and after ECU modification.

DynoDrive is an advanced feature, exclusive to Alientech Suite and KESS3, which allows for calculating and verifying performance while driving a vehicle. Through the OBD diagnostic port and data acquisition from the integrated GPS module,
DynoDrive provides power and torque values of a car that can be exported and compared endlessly on your reserved area.
The DynoDrive protocol allows you to test the effect of your modifications without the additional cost of dedicated dyno equipment. The ability to test a car transforms into a unique opportunity to verify the vehicle’s performance and evaluate the effectiveness of any modifications, giving your customers real examples of the changes and how they have affected the performance of their vehicle.
When do you need:
🚗 Calculating and verifying performance while driving a vehicle
🚗 Immediate testing and verifying vehicle’s performance
🚗 Evaluate the effectiveness of any modifications
Kess3 Dynodrive Function
DynoDrive Features:
Activation through Alientech Suite
Calculation accuracy (GPS & x-Line)
Quick and customized parameter selection
Test repeatability
Data comparison and sharing


How to Activate DynoDrive on KESS3?

⭐ DynoDrive it is a single purchase, meaning there is no subscription for it. You can buy KESS3 hardware and only DynoDrive without any protocol activation or add it to your existing KESS3 Protocols.
⭐ Once purchased, Alientech Suit will display it as DynoDrive Function.
⭐ It is available for KESS3 Master and KESS3 Slave users.
KESS3 DynoDrive

The DynoDrive feature can be activated by all users with KESS3 and does NOT require an active subscription.
The main innovation is that DynoDrive can also be activated on KESS3 Hardware WITHOUT any active protocol package. This means that customers can purchase KESS3 with DynoDrive activation to perform performance testing and use other ECU programming equipment to program the control unit.


Configure your KESS3 Master or Slave by adding DynoDrive activation, or get KESS3 hardware only with DynoDrive activation, thus configuring the tool even just to support power testing. This allows integration a third version, KESS3 DynoDrive, alongside the existing KESS3 Master and KESS3 Slave versions.

DynoDrive Activation for KESS3 hardware (without active protocol)

DynoDrive Activation for KESS3 Master Users

DynoDrive Activation for KESS3 Slave users



DynoDrive frequently asked questions:

Q: is it possible to activate only this function, please? without an active subscription

A: Sure, is possible also without active subscriptions. If you don’t have KESS3, just get a KESS3 hardware + DynoDrive Activation.


Q: It’s not 12 months only?

A: No, pay it and you have it forever.


Q: How does the performance measurement work? Is the torque logged via OBD or is it based on weight, speed, etc. Measured?

A: kess3 has a gps and an accelerator. RPM etc. by obd. Using the OBD port and data from the KESS3‘s integrated GPS module, you can export and compare the power and torque values of a car.


Q: Is DynoDrive is free for existing customers or it will be charged extra?

A: It is not free. You have to pay for activation. It’s a very intersting and complex feature, it worth the money.


Q: Does it datalog or it is a glorified virtual Dyno?

A: It’s just a virtual Dyno no dataloging function.



KESS3 DYNODrive Review:


DynoDrive is really good working, just need a straight road and precision values.
RS6 C7 perf. should have 605PS and 750 NM
DynoDrive measure 571PS and 741 NM
So its just Perfect to see Tuning gains!

Kess3 Dynodrive Review 1

Kess3 Dynodrive Review 2

Kess3 Dynodrive Review 3


Sharing our first dynodrive on street
Hyundai Accent 1.6 crdi dct 4th gear pull stage1

1970kg estimated full load
dynodrive works without subs.

Kess3 Dynodrive Review 4

Kess3 Dynodrive Review 5

Kess3 Dynodrive Review 6

Kess3 Dynodrive Review 7


Dyno drive on street test
Hyundai Accent 2018 CRDI AT
Intake and exhaust upgrade only
not exact hp measurement( need to input the correct weight of the car to get the exact Hp & trq numbers)
37 Whp gain (Accurate)
73Nm gain( accurate)
Stock boost only(25psi stock)
Note: to those customer who wants to dyno drive their car we need atleast 800-1000m of straight,flat and clear road to test
3000 pesos only to measure stock and tuned power!

Kess3 Dynodrive Review 8 Kess3 Dynodrive Review 9


I tested my car on straight line country road and numbers were spot on factory, then I also tested on highway stretch and again was spot on , so yeah it works pretty good !