Alientech ECM TITANIUM Full Version vs Credit Version

ECM TITANIUM is the recalibration software developed by Alientech, which allows you to view and modify, independently, the management parameters of any engine calibration file and automatic transmission.

With ECM TITANIUM you have at your disposal a database of more than 130,000 downloadable Drivers directly from the Alientech Database as well as original files available for download every day.

Once downloaded, the Drivers will be yours forever.

Alientech Ecm Software

There are full version, full promo version (full promotion version) and credit versions.


Software version: 3.6


Update online


What’s the difference between the full ECM software and the credit version of the software?


ECM Titanium Credit Version

In short the credit version of ECM Titanium is a pay as you go version. The credit version is cheaper to purchase up front, and them you pay for the drivers and setting files as you need them.

If you don’t tune that often or just getting started, the Credit version may be the best place to start.


ECM Titanium Credit Version comes with 1000 credits to get you started tuning.

Driver prices

  • Car Driver Download = 40 Credits
  • Bike Driver Download = 40 Credits
  • Truck Driver Download = 70 Credits
  • Agriculture Driver Download = 70 Credits
  • Marine Driver Download = 70 Credits


Once used up, you can recharge tokens:

Alientech ECM Titanium – 800x Download Credits for Driver

Alientech ECM Titanium – 400x Download Credits for Driver

Alientech ECM Titanium – 200x Download Credits for Driver



ECM Titanium Full promo version:

What is the promo version and why it is different from a full version of the ECM software?

Full promo version is quite literally a super bonus in a box. The promo version is in fact exactly the same as the much more expensive ECM Titanium full version, including
the free drivers and map packs.
But it’s half the price. Very important that you can only purchase full promo version if you have genuine Alienetch KESS3/KESS3 Master tuning tools.


Each master operator, with master tool can purchase one full promo version of ECM at half price. It’s the very best version of the software to purchase if you have master tools or plan to have master tools.

The full promo version is the same as the original full version. You can still tune as many vehicles as you want and you pay no more. As long as you have a software license, and you know how to write the tuning files, your tuning file creation is free.


ECM Titanium Full version


The full version is the right software choice if you are serious about your tuning and are likely to be tuning in any volumes.
The full version is not limited like the credit version of the software.
Meaning you can tune as many vehicles as you want and you pay no more.

With ECM Titanium full, you have everything at your disposal and remap without worries, how and when you want: no limits.

The great thing about the full version of the ECM software is that it is based on a credit platform, or pay per use like many other tuning and remapping software. It means you can tune as many cars as you like once you have purchased it and pay no more per car tuned.

As long as you have a software license, and you know how to write the tuning files, your tuning file creation is free.





For those who without KESS3, you can go for Credit version. Credit version can be updated to full version.

If get the KESS3 master version, get the full promo version. No token issue. Need to renew license every year. can combine KESS3 master with ECM into same account.

If need don’t want to bind KESS3 with ECM into same account, get the full version.

If buy KESS3 from, must buy ECM from us, otherwise, you cannot combine KESS3 with ECM.

But if you buy KESS3 from others, you can still buy ECM from us.

If have no idea which version to buy, join basic online training course then decide.