Tips to Read Write Simos PCR2.1 with KESS3 via OBD

Alientech KESS3 works flawlessly on VAG Simos pcr 2.1 ECU whether you unlock bench and VR read. kess3 does unlock perfectly as well.


OBD Mode:

PCR2.1 is virtual read with Kess 3, not real read. unlocking and writing takes about 15min.


Here is the common situation when doing PCR 2.1 with KESS v3 via OBD.

For example:

PCR 2.1, currently trying to write however I have been stuck on “Communicating with server..” for around 30 minutes now.. how long could it realistically take?

KESS3 Simos PCR2.1 Communicating With Server

Nothing to worry about sometimes it does.
But make sure you’ve a good internet and your battery power is too high for this ecu.

Now you’d need to recover in the original file and leave the ignition on.

and make sure your internet good and battery power 13.5.

and you can always try to write the mod file on recovery mode.

Or contact support to fix the file and it is ok. customer feedback:
Had the same right now.
Comm with server
Waited to «DATA» LED on tool to stop blink
Lowered voltage on the GYS to 13.5V
Closed KESS3 aliensuite with task manager
Connect diag tool, still comms with ecu!
Writing mod file again OBD (patch was done)
Car started.
Had one earlier that had to be rescued bench.

Kess2 Simos Pcr2.1 Obd


If OBD PCR2.1 says not possible to contact server, do not listen to this message, just press ok and it will continue.

Kess3 Pcr2.1 No Possible To Connect Server

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