KESS3 vs Foxflash

Alientech KESS3 (KESS V3) and Foxflash which to buy?  Which device is better to choose?

Kess V3 Vs Foxflash



  • Cheap
  • Full license
  • Free update
  • No software subsctipion
  • In the majority of cases you do not need to open ECUs like before and this is the best benefit of this device.



  • Need a modern laptop with a clear system
  • It works only in ONLINE mode. You won’t run the software without it.
  • It works only with the device connected to USB port, like the others. You won’t run the software without it.
  • There are mistakes in the circuits and wirings sometimes – do not rely on the manual.



Alientech KESS3:


Kess3 Pros:

  • Good tool, good coverage, Powerful microprocessor
  • Wide coverage undoubtedly the largest variety of vehicles between Car, Bike, Marine, LGV, Agri etc.
  • More potent than the earlier generation
  • Reliable execution of commands
  • Good technical support
  • Faster and more efficient performance
  • It’s the most complete tool on the market actually
  • Automatic and instant recognition of the right communication line
  • Large application list The KESS3 has a large application list that goes back to 1999, so it can tune both modern and older cars.
  • New kess v3 combines kess and ktag into 1 tool, you buy the protocols then so you can buy just obd protocols and use like kess was or you can also buy all bench protocols like ktag

Kess3 Cons:

  • Can be expensive
  • subscription is expensive
  • Requires stable internet connectivity
  • still has that ridiculous ignition on/off sequence



KESS3 vs Foxflash

One tool cannot do all. You could not select just one tool to do all works.

Both tools read/write ECU/TCU via OBD, OBDvr, bench and boot mode.

Foxflash is intuitive to use, has no subscriptions,  more convenient to use.

KESS V3 is based on licenses. The KESS3 is the most complete tool on the market actually. It has wider coverage than foxflash. It has saved us enough times. For example, KESS3 will read PSA DCM7.1A/B on bench, foxflash only boot.

Kess3 good on many cars older and new. KESS v3 has many VR files for Denso ECUs and it is pretty good for bench works.

For professional users, get the KESS3 and also Foxflash as a backup tool.

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