Read PSA Sagem 2000 ECU with Kess V2 or MPPS V18

A Peugeot 406 1.8 with Sagem 2000 ECU, from the moment of purchase, error P0136 constantly hung in memory, which indicates a problem with the second lambda.

It was decided to mechanically cut out the catalyst, programmatically remove the second lambda, if possible, send off the USR and add “horses”, since the stock 116 hp. Vadim seems small.

We find the location of the engine control unit under the hood, remove it and go to open it. Open ECU and read by kess v2 or mpps in boot,

Peugeot 406 Sagem 2000 Kess V2 1

Location of the Sagem 2000 unit in the Peugeot 406

Peugeot 406 Sagem 2000 Kess V2 2

From the factory, SAGEM 2000 control units were installed on the Peugeot 1.8 EW7J4 engine.

Peugeot 406 Sagem 2000 Kess V2 3



The only disadvantage of these ECUs is that the boards are completely filled with compound and getting to the necessary nickels and elements (eeprom 95080, flash 29F200) is a painstaking task and requires “smooth hands”. But, as they say: “the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing.”

Peugeot 406 Sagem 2000 Kess V2 4

Peugeot 406 Sagem 2000 Kess V2 5

The main task is to get to the Boot-pin, which is located near the Infineon SAK-C167CR-LM processor.

Peugeot 406 Sagem 2000 Kess V2 6

Sagem 2000-2a Boot pin


Connect the ECU according to the following pinout

Peugeot 406 Sagem 2000 Kess V2 7

Peugeot Citroen PSA Sagem 2000-2a pinout


You can read this ECU with two devices just in case: Kess v2 and MPPS 18. I compared the firmware read by different devices – they differ slightly in the boot part, but the calibration area is identical. For editing, I took as a basis the firmware read by Kess.

Peugeot 406 Sagem 2000 Kess V2 8

Sagem 2000 Kess

Peugeot 406 Sagem 2000 Kess V2 9

Sagem 2000 MPPS


The process of uploading the modified firmware is similar to the process of reading. After the firmware, we assemble the ECU, seal the exposed areas with a sealant so that moisture does not get in and nothing oxidizes.


Credit to Hot Wheelss.