MPPS v18 Read VW EDC17 C46 in Tricore Boot Mode

I’m trying to read the ECU in my 2011 VW Scirocco with MPPS v18 ECU flasher using the Tricore cable.


And have the ECU out of the vehicle with Tricore cable connected via the following pin out.


However, it still isn’t reading the ECU.


Then i Google and most mates say “Only in bootmode for ecu with Tprot.”

Even if i wanna read-it, then i can’t write-it.
So, open the ECU and go with the resistors to the circuit board.
It surely is the only way..


But I don’t have any resistors; when I put MPPS in Boot Mode and it gave me the following info..



Then i open the ECU and use resistors to read in Tricore Boot Mode



I think the software should show me what i need to connect. But MPPS just states that this ECU has the new DS Check Routine and that it needs to be opened, therefore using resistors… If someone else wanna do this, better use kess v2 or ktag – both don’t need resistors for this ecu.