Autel KM100 Ford F-150 2019 Security Authentication Failed Solution


Using Autopropad G2 and Autel KM100 on a F-150 2019 Keyed ignition.
No keypad on door.
Active alarm.
After waiting 10-15 min, alarm beeps twice, then when i add a key the alarm starts beeping again with a note (security authentication failed).
Tried All keys lost.
Tried it under type 10 2017 fusion.
Tried under smart key.
No matter what i do, after the 2 beeps the alarm goes on again.
Any ideas what can be done to program a key?

Ford F150 2019 Key


Here is the tip to program Ford F-150 key with an active alarm.

Common occurrence when all key lost even if no keypad. After you get the double honk, you can always them try the add key, if that fails, do the 10 minute wait time, and then try all keys lost, sometimes that works best.

If add key failed, use Autel all keys lost option.

Put screw driver on the door latch wait 10 minutes when you hear the twice alarm, hit ok.

It will read security and then the alarm will go off again.

Wait for twice alarm them hit ok. It will program the keys since it reads the security first time.
Keep in mind that you have to connect to a running car.
Door latch has to be closed with screw driver until the programming done.

If you have done the screw driver, when it beeps again let it be and wait for 2 beeps again.

Don’t disconnect anything wait for it and then hit ok it will go into programming mode right away.



OBDSTARXhorse and Auto prog pad also have Ford AKL adapter to bypass active alarm. You can also take the Ford FDRS.  Even with frds you have to wait the 10 minutes but it goes through from first try.



User feedback:

Solved with KM100.  Sit in the car the whole 10 minutes, skip the open door to power up. I used the KM100 and it worked fine when the Ford was in alarm.