KESS3 Clone Mercedes ME9.7 via OBD or BDM?

Can Alientech KESS3 clone Mercedes ME9.7 ECU? via OBD or BDM?


Here is the clue.

No VR file at alientech, only option left is BDM.

KESS3 ME97 Ecu 1

If you have BDM adapter, follow kess v3 wiring diagram to read and write ME 9.7 via BDM.

Reading was a bit faster but the writing was really slow. Well over 30.
The old Kess v2 master version takes 45 minutes.

KESS3 ME97 Ecu Bdm 1

KESS3 ME97 Ecu Bdm 2

KESS3 ME97 Ecu Bdm 3

KESS3 ME97 Ecu Bdm 4

KESS3 ME97 Ecu Bdm 5

If currently don’t have an adapter for this ecu, just use needles or solder wires.

Found the pinout and soldering did the trick.

You have no issue with ID by obd. This ecu is a lot safer to do boot.

KESS3 ME97 Ecu 2

KESS3 ME97 Ecu 3

If you are looking for a tool to do it via OBD, go for original pcmflash.  (Clone pcmflash has no me9.7 in module 69).


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