Autel AP200/AP200M Review on Mercedes 38-PIN W163 W210 etc

Autel AP200M BT dongle is the most affordable and portable scanner. Good coverage, very good shareable reports in PDF format. Included in price EOBD and one car line.

MaxiAp200 app software installation simple and easy. Very large download. Uses 3.65 GB of internal storage.

HT200 is the same as AP200. But it will not support 38 pin adapter to scan Mercedes-Benz W210s. It will only do an EOBD to limited access ECU only.

Users have tried AP200M on W163, W164, W166, X166 and W210. Works like a champ. AP200M (red dongle) can support all these, so as AP200 (the white dongle).

Autel AP200 is better because it has lifetime support for a single make (no yearly fees at all for the first brand). Additional brands will cost $21.99 per year. AP200M only one year subscription for a single brand, 19.99$ later.   The advantage is with the AP200 you get lifetime full support for the first vehicle, rather than one year with AP200M.

The 38-pin adapter is available on

AP200M & 38-Pin adapter

Autel Ap200m Benz W210

AP200 & 38-PIN adapter

Autel Ap200 Benz 38 Pin 1

Autel Ap200 Benz 38 Pin 2

Here’s the prove that it can be used with Benz 38-pin adapter.

Live data was obtained through 16 pin OBDII. After selecting vehicle there was a choice of 16 or 38 pin. That’s what prompt you to take it for a spin with 38 pin adapter.

Autel Ap200m Benz W210 38 Pin 2


First test goes to a 2003 Mercedes ML320 163.154

Let’s start with EOBD.
Readiness report.

(all in PDF format, but here easier to shown as image)

Autel Ap200m Obd Readiness

I have created few faults. Disconnected MAF and pulled out ABS fuse.

Autel Ap200m Benz W210 38 Pin 7Autel Ap200m Benz W210 38 Pin 8

Reports of faults.
ACC code
Autel Ap200m Benz W210 Acc Code
ESM code

Autel Ap200m Benz W210 Esm Code

ME28 code

Autel Ap200m Benz W210 Me28 Code

Live data from AAC. Early morning and hot as hell.
A32 blower max
Autel Ap200m A32 Blower Max
A32 blower off
Autel Ap200m A32 Blower Off
ACC control
Autel Ap200m Benz W210 Acc Control
Live data from various control modules. In case of “Start Error” these are critical.
EAM terminals
Autel Ap200m Benz W210 Eam Terminals
Autel Ap200m Das Das
DAS transponder key
Autel Ap200m Das Transponder Key
AAM remote key
Autel Ap200m Aam Remote Key

AC performance evaluation. It is close to dangerous heat around here. Vehicle parked outside will reach 50C + within 30 minutes.

Readings taken few minutes apart. Ignore diagnostic time in files. File name reflects actual time and date.

Autel Ap200m AC Performance 1

Autel Ap200m AC Performance 2

Autel Ap200m AC Performance 3

Autel Ap200m AC Performance 4

you can also use it to read and reset transmission faults.


2nd test goes to a Mercedes W210 MY2000 production date 10/99

It does not auto detect VIN on this car. Even MB Star diagnostic system will not auto detect it. Once you select it manually VIN pops up. Same with Autologic. Same with my ’99 ML320.

Autel Ap200m Benz W210 38 Pin 3Autel Ap200m Benz W210 38 Pin 4

Here is list of live data from ME-SFI.
Autel Ap200m Benz W210 38 Pin 5Autel Ap200m Benz W210 38 Pin 6
Codes read from SAM, audio, E-Call and AAC.
Autel Ap200m W210 Code 1 Autel Ap200m W210 Code 2 Autel Ap200m W210 Code 3 Autel Ap200m W210 Code 4
Live data from ME20.
Autel Ap200m W210 Live Data 1 Autel Ap200m W210 Live Data 2 Autel Ap200m W210 Live Data 3
Live data from EIS. Status of interior CAN and Drive Authorization.
Autel Ap200m W210 Live Data From Eis 1 Autel Ap200m W210 Live Data From Eis 2
Live data from PSE. State of alarm contacts. Useful when looking for problems with interior lights. What I like about this is that you can walk around the car open and close doors, trunk or trip hood switch and see it live on your mobile device.

Autel Ap200m W210 Live Data From Pse

Engine at idle warming up and at fast idle. Precision machined deck screw stuck in pedal value sensor.

Autel Ap200m W210 Engine Idle 1 Autel Ap200m W210 Engine Idle 2

But it cannot read ETC and AAC data. Pretty much anything that requires HHT-WIN is out. Autologic or SDS are only scanners that work.

AP200M has no capability of actuation of valves neither. (does not support bi-directional ops).



MaxiAp AP200 works just fine on entire W163 and W210 line. It would be great to have non-expiring Benz subscription with AP200 that works with 38-pin adapter.

It does have some bidirectional capability like forced DPF regeneration or Electric Parking Brake open/close for service. Limitations are software only as the dongle itself is very fast and capable.

Hardware has bidirectional capability limitations are in software.
I have used it to move rear calipers with electric parking brake to assembly position.

Autel Ap200 Electric Parking Brake

It works just fine with same limitations as other Autel products. Anything that requires HHT-WIN like EGS live data is out.

For full set of diagnostic functions you need SDS clone or Autel MP808.


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