CG100 vs CGPro 9S12 vs FC200

CG100 vs CGpro 9s12 vs CG FC-200 Which one to choose?


Here’s the clue.

First of all, check a table comparison below

Item CG100 CG Pro 9S12 CG FC200
Image Cg100 Prog Iii Cgpro 9s12 Fc200
Product Positioning Airbag Reset & Mileage Reset Tool EEPROM Programmer & Key Programmer ECU/TCU Programmer
Function Airbag reset,

Mileage correction,

Engine/BCM Computer Repair,

Write key BMW CAS1-CAS4 and some Land Rover models.

Read Immo/ECU/MCU data,

Odometer correction,

Key programming,

Repair BMW FRM, Audi ELV, Benz W221-LU computer.

Read/Write ECU/BCM/TCU
Language English ONLY Chinese English (French, Spanish and Turkish require language authorization) English
Operating system WinXP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 WIN7, WIN8, WIN10
Read 9S12** encrypted  chip data No Yes, part of No
Airbag Reset Yes, lots of airbag modules and database Only some Volvo BMW, Kia, Buick airbag reset No
Mileage Correction Yes, lots of models BMW, Benz mileage correction

And few other brands, Honda, Volvo Buick, Chrysler

Program Key function Generate BMW CAS1-CAS4+ and Land rover keys Support key programming for BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and Porsche. No
ISN Read and Write No No Yes
VIN modification No No Yes
Renew Key No Yes, Audi, BMW, BYD, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Great Wall, Hyundai, Kia, Land Rover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Volvo No
Update Update Online Free for 1 Year. Software subscription is $89 per year Lifetime free update online Free Update Online for One Year. The annual Fee will be $250/ year after the first year.
Price in obdii365 $469 Full version $459 Full version $686


FC200 is different from the other two, FC200 is made to read ECU/TCU data via OBD, Bench or boot. It will do not airbag, mileage and key functions like CG100/CGPro.


Here is the FC200 function list:

Fc200 Function List


CG Pro 9S12 & CG100:

CG100 Function Menu

Cg100 Bmw Cas1 Cas4


CG100 is good for airbag and dashboard.

CGPro is good for Mercedes, BMW and better as programmer than cg100.

CG100 does have BMW CAS1-CAS4 and Land rover key option, but only can be used to write key. You need to read CAS/KVM data by other eeprom programmer.

But cgpro will generate key via eeprom data as well.

CGPro will make key for BMW EWS1-EWS4 and CAS1-CAS4+ (both add key and all keys lost). All requires to remove the IMMO box (cannot do them via OBD).

For example, CGPro can read CAS4 5M48H immo data and write key, standalone, don’t need another device.

NOTE. Pro CANNOT do FEM/BDC key programming. CGPro will also make key for Jaguar Land Rover KVM and Porsche BCM (check coverage on webpage).


CG100 and CGPro read different chips, cgpro will read 9S12 encrypted chips, cg100 cannot. CG100 will read the S6J3001*** chip for Japanese Toyota/Honda mileage correction (example), cgpro does not. CG100 will repair Mercedes 48V battery, Volvo 48V battery, and Porsche 12V Lithium battery, cgpro cannot.


In sum, CGPro is for pulling eeprom data. CG100 for airbag & mileage repair and modification. FC200 for reading VIN, pulling/cloning ECU and Gearbox data.


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