Thinkdiag Mercedes Sprinter Variant Coding Review

Got the ThinkDiag Bluetooth dongle and software working on Android. I was able to scan all my modules and see fault codes.

It will variant code. Variant Coding is now possible on some of the control modules on NCV3s.

I used this to change the default setting for the Eco Stop Start function on my 907 Sprinter to Last Mode. It now remembers the mode it was in when the vehicle was switched off, instead of the default setting which is on every time the vehicle is started.
The setting is in Drive Systems/CPC-Control Unit Powertrain/Variant Coding/Implizite-Variantenkodierung/24 Item-3s-LastMode Code Ubengrenzter Lastmode 3s.

On Android platform, Variant coding is not available on IPhone version.

This is good news for the Mercedes Sprinter VS30 owners, especially if it has access to the variant coding of most control modules.

some pictures of the variant coding options you found. CPC NG, CR61 etc

KI906 CD906 Thinkdiag Sprinter Variant Coding 6Thinkdiag Sprinter Variant Coding 7

Thinkdiag Sprinter Variant Coding 1 Thinkdiag Sprinter Variant Coding 2 Thinkdiag Sprinter Variant Coding 3 Thinkdiag Sprinter Variant Coding 4 Thinkdiag Sprinter Variant Coding 5

It turns out that ThinkDiag has greater capability and access than DAS or Xentry. On a 2013 Sprinter with the CR60 control module, I was able to code the HGB and VMax up and down (5 – 82 mph) without any problems, something that DAS is not able to do. I also tested on a 2016 Sprinter with CR43 (OM651) control module and it was able to code and do the same thing, HGB and VMax 5 – 82mph… Xentry has no access to the variant coding at all on 2014 and up Sprinters, but this device does. For any of you NCV3/T1N owners that might have a van that is governed at a speed of less than 82mph, ThinkDiag dongle is your solution for that.  It connects and has access to the variant coding of most of the control modules on a 2016 OM651 Sprinter under the Sprinter option without any issues.

This means that ThinkDiag has full access to the variant coding of the engine (OM642 and OM651) and is able to code the AdBlue system off along with the AdBlue restrictions/counter.

It is under Variant Coding.

Thinkdiag Sprinter Variant Coding 6

Thinkdiag Sprinter Variant Coding 7

Thinkdiag Sprinter Variant Coding 8

But it is impossible to turn off the EKAS system from the variant coding. There is no such option.

The scanner will work without internet/cel service with any software you’ve downloaded and used already. So if you’ve set up your software, it is still fully functional out on the road in dead cel service areas.
If you are looking for a small and portable device that has the capability of 80-90% of what Xentry/DAS can do, ThingDiag scanner might be the device you need. The device and concept behind is very similar to Autel AP200 but with far more capabilities. Read and clear codes, Live data capability, Actuations and bidirectional capability, Initialization and adaptations, different teach in capabilities.



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