OBDSTAR iScan Ducati vs MelcoDiag Which is Better?

Ducati motorcycle diagnostic tool OBDSTAR iScan Ducati and MelcoDiag which is better?

Here is the clue.

MelcoDiag (JPDiag) is a diagnostic software tool based on PC. You have to download, register and license software to use.

Melcodiag App

MelcoDiag you need cables from LonElec. If you do not want Bluetooth then buy their cabled ELM327 OBD cable and the required adaptor (4 pin adapter).

ELM327 Cable For MelcoDiag

MelcoDiag software is free to download but you need to acquire a free licence file from JP. MelcoDiag is licened based program. First 5 bikes are free.  And buy the hardware to interface with the software (Windows only).


It is able to read and reset errors but it is not able to reset the annual service light.


Here are user feedbacks:


“I’ve been using the Melcodiag for a few years now on a 959 Panigale and a Monster 1200R.
Error reset YES
Service/oil reset NO.
It very hard to setup and use.”



ELM 327 and the 4 pin connector and Melcodiag software on a Windows PC.Took a while to figure out how to get it to communicated but once it finally did I was able to reset my service light and clear out all of my engine codes. Certainly worth the investment plus a small donation to the developer. The software requires patience and persistence to make it all work properly.


I never got it to work properly with a license. Finally said to hell with it and picked top and OBDStar unit. That works perfectly.




OBDStar Ducati scanner an Android tablet. The device is plug-and-play. Interface is user friendly. It’s not cheap but it’s effective out of the box. Came with the correct cables for 1260 Multistrada as well as the older three pin one. OBDSTAR also has Euro 5 connector for 2019 onwards models.

Obdstar Iscan Ducati Panigale V4 Oil Service Reset 5

OBDSTAR released update frequently.

It’s worth checking for more recent Ducatis, such as Multi V4, as diagnostic port is different. OBDStar might have upped their game and included the new connector.

OBDSTAR iscan get many positive reviews.

OBDSTAR iScan Ducati Panigale V4 S Service Reset Review

OBDSTAR iScan Ducati Motorcycle Scanner Unbiased Reviews




In sum: 

MelcoDiag software is cheap and uses license. You need to get a proper cable to set it up and sometimes it is hard to set up. It works fine on older Ducati motorcycels.

OBDSTAR iscan takes more, it is easy to use. It has 3 pin, 4 pin and 5 pin connectors for different Ducati.  The tool works well and also covers a bunch of Ducati models and can provide and record live data etc. There is a brand new (affordable) option for service reset, reading out and resetting errors and a few other functions.