OBDSTAR iScan Ducati Motorcycle Scanner Unbiased Reviews

Are you looking for an affordable Ducati motorcycle diagnostic scanner to
Reset service intervals
Reset Pin
Reset ECU
Reset stored codes?

OBDSTAR iScan Ducati is an ideal tool to start with. Here are some real unbiased reviews on OBDStar Ducati scanner.



Before starting, here are direct links to the compatible bikes for diagnostics/immobilizer/odometer:

 OBDSTAR iScan Ducati Diag List.xlsx

 OBDSTAR iScan Ducati IMMO List.xlsx 

 DUCATI Odometer motorcycle list (Optional).xlsx (Need odometer license)


Review 1:

The process isn’t all that scary and they are pretty forward with communication. Once it did ship, and it took a week or so, DHL got it here is three days.  Its an Android OS pretty easy to navigate. When you first power on the device you need to connect it to your Wi-Fi.

Obdstar Ducati Review 1

Click the home icon then the one with the 6 dots.

Obdstar Ducati Review 2

From here you can see what’s on the device. QuickSupport gives you access to TeamViewer so you can remotely use the device and is how I’m getting all of the screenshots. For Wi-Fi, click settings.

Obdstar Ducati Review 3

Obdstar Ducati Review 4

Pick your network then enter your password. Easy enough. Now onto registering the device. As it turns out the device was attempting to send the login details of the account I was attempting to create unencrypted. This caused my Wi-Fi router to block it. Once I realized what was going on, I allowed it on my routers app and all was good. To get started with account creation, click Personal Center.

Obdstar Ducati Review 5

Here you click Register and enter a username, password and email address. The next screen will prompt you for name, company and address. Then send this unencrypted info off to places unknown. On that note, don’t reuse a username or password. You could even go as far as to create a spoof email if you’re that into internet security. After your account is created you’ll land on this page.

Obdstar Ducati Review 6

The only surprising thing is that there’s an expiration date. I presume its for updates but I guess I’ll find out in 2023.

Lets get into the meat and potatoes of it. Click the DP on the bar. If you go into MOTO DIAG all that will show up initially is OBD-II which is the same OBD-II and code reader can pull. You have to update the software to get the Ducati specific functions.

Obdstar Ducati Review 7

Click Upgrade and follow the prompts. Its pretty basic. There’s a few files but they are small and it goes relatively fast.

Obdstar Ducati Review 8

Now when you click MOTO DIAG you have a Ducati icon. Plug the device into your bike diagnostic port using the OBD-II cable and the appropriate adapter. It comes with a 3-pin and a 4-pin. If you have a newer bike, 2021+ you likely have a red 6-pin connector under the seat. You will need to buy a OBD-II to Euro 5 adapter. They are on obdii365.com and aren’t very expensive.

Click on the Ducati icon and on the next screen click enter in the lower right corner.

Obdstar Ducati Review 9

Obdstar Ducati Review 10

Auto Identify VIN is self explanatory but make sure your VIN is detected correctly.

Obdstar Ducati Review 11

I got an error message since my VIN while detected correctly didn’t match up with the software. It couldn’t determine my make and model from the VIN.

Obdstar Ducati Review 12

Now we’ll do Select from vehicle, It should be simply Select Vehicle. I scrolled down until I got to P for Panigale. I clicked P then enter.

Obdstar Ducati Review 13

Now it asks for a model year. I have a 2021, but I picked the 2020 option.

Obdstar Ducati Review 14

The amount of data you have access to is amazing. This would have saved me some troubleshooting but I can see the clutch switch value.

Obdstar Ducati Review 15

As I’m working through some DQS issues, I can even see a value for that. Of some interest is that the bikes tracks the number of miles you’ve driven with the MIL lamp on.

Obdstar Ducati Review 16

Obdstar Ducati Review 17

APS Accelerator Opening is the throttle grip percentage so I can verify that mine reads a 0 when its closed.

I’ll skip to service system (Service Lamp Reset) since I know a lot of riders would be interested in that. Its under the special function menu.

Obdstar Ducati Review 18

Obdstar Ducati Review 19

Obdstar Ducati Review 20

You can even disable the DRL if that’s your thing.

Obdstar Ducati Review 21

Here is adaptives reset. Easy to do, you just click the item you want to reset then hit enter.

Obdstar Ducati Review 22

There is also a setting where you can test the DQS.

The OBDStar iScan does the exact same DQS functionality test as the Ducati/Texa DDS.

Maybe all the OBDStar device does is read Ducati’s CANBus. The menu layout is different, but all the features and text are the same.

this is a successful test.

Obdstar Ducati Review 23


Review 2:

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered mine. (OBDSTAR Iscan). Until a few months ago, I never even heard of this company until I started looking into diagnostic scanners etc. The unit I ordered has impressed me throughly. I was able to reset the odometer with the Totalizer function.

This got rid of the dashes my odometer was showing and brought back the mileage (kms) that was stored in the BBS.(It will restore the odometer reading with the higher mileage reading stored in either the dash or the BBS from what I understand.)
There were a few error codes I cleared but I sort of wish I hadn’t, or at least I wish I had taken a print screen so I could keep track of the codes the bike has thrown. Between the oil change service light reset, which I think will be coming on at 15,000kms and restoring he odometer in my instrument gauge I’m pretty sure I’ve made back what the dealer would have charged me for labour and DDS time here in Calgary. I’ll probably buy one for my KTM as well.



Review 3:

I got mine last week on obdii365 (obdstar iscan for ducati) I already resetted the annual service light, retrofitted oem foglights and tpms sensors on my 2020 Ducati multistrada enduro 1260, and performed a fuel trim basic settings. With just these jobs it already paid by itself. I have not used a TEXA dealer tool but I think it performs same functions almost the same.
Review 4:
For anyone wondering, i can confirm the OBDSTAR Iscan for Ducati works fine. I live a long way from nearest Ducati dealer (2,700km) and local bike shops had no capacity to interrogate the error codes etc and I wanted more self sufficiency for my 2020 950s (I do my own servicing).
The tool works well and also covers a bunch of Ducati models (model list is on their website) and can provide and record live data etc. I’ve so far used it on mine and a friends Monster 810.


Review 5:

I ordered it from one of the sellers on obdii365 for $369.  I have not seen the actual Ducati DDS, but this appears to be pretty full featured. Probably with all the features of the DDS. gear learning can be performed with the Obdstar Ducati tool, as I successfully did it with the tool. I am happy with the purchase so far.


Review 6:

Mine arrived yesterday and for some reason I thought I’d have to go into the special 123 menu to clear my service light since I convinced my dealer to get the first service done because my ride home would exceed the mileage for it. (I live 4 hours from closest dealer). I’m now at just over 1200 miles and I’ve decat, Austin slip ons and custom map. This service light was the last to get done and I did it last night by just clearing all codes.



Review 7:

There is a brand new (affordable) option for service reset, reading out and resetting errors and a few other functions.

OBDSTAR iScan Ducati

I ordered the device and it was delivered yesterday. 

My Panigale V4 is disassembled in the workshop and I’ve been waiting for the delivery of the right shims for a good two weeks to complete the demo service. Waiting until the parts are delivered, then reassembling the vehicle to test the OBDSTAR iScan is not possible. Put all the plugs together, put the battery in and put on the tank


As an example I reset the Desmoservice and Service.

Obdstar Panigale V4 Review 1

Supplied in a practical box

Obdstar Panigale V4 Review 2

Content with all necessary adapters

A 3pin and 4pin adapter (Euro 4) is included in delivery.
the Euro 5 connection is different, need to be purchased separately.

Obdstar Panigale V4 Review 3

home screen

Obdstar Panigale V4 Review 4
Annual service notification in Dash

Obdstar Panigale V4 Review 5
read data

Obdstar Panigale V4 Review 6
Service reset
The device can do a lot more, such as learning the gear sensor or similar.


Review 8:

I have one of these and it does desmo, annual service and oil service reset as well as diagnostics…comes with all the plugs you need , it works great on my 2016 DVT.


Review 9:

Just recieved my obdstar from china and after an software update and a restart this tool seems to work ok on my 939 2019 mod. Connected to the bike and removed the exhaust valve error just like that. Lots off options including reset of service indicators etc


Review 10:

I ended up buying one after the dealer hosed up my DQS. You can reset all of the adaptives, see every sensor on the bike in real-time and log it on a ride if needed. It can also access the test modes for the various controllers, ABS, Ohlins etc.

you can do all the service resets. I think it works for every Ducati model. I double checked, the 1198 is listed in the software.

The only issue I had is that my wifi router was blocking it since when it was sending the login it was unencrypted. So for sure use a unique password. Once I figured out what was going on and set an exception it downloaded the OBDStar/Ducati software.

I also had to get a OBD-II adapter to 6-pin Euro 5 to work with my 21 Panigale. The older ones still had the 4-pin diagnostic plug. I had a bad experience at my dealership whereas they very drastically overfilled the oil. I pulled almost a quart out of it to get the sight glass to where it needed to be. I’d rather just buy the tools and do it on my own.


Review 11:

I can confirm this OBDStar diagnostics tablet works fine on Monster S4rs.

Model selection

Obdstar Ducati Monster S4rs Review 2

Limited options for S4rs, to enter into these the bike needs to be hooked up to the diagnostics tablet

Obdstar Ducati Monster S4rs Review 1

Tech bulletins shows one for TPS reset

Obdstar Ducati Monster S4rs Review 4

Top of TPS tech bulletin

Obdstar Ducati Monster S4rs Review 5

Bottom of TPS tech bulletin

Obdstar Ducati Monster S4rs Review 6

Obdstar Ducati Monster S4rs Review 7


Review 12:

The OBDstar ducati scan tool is all set up now

Charge the unit, connect to wifi – register the unit and let it run its basic updates
Then plug it into the Ducati, switch on the ignition and hit the upgrade button to download the correct Ducati software. Then it was off and running

After that – its fairly intuitive, service resets are hidden under special functions and it does give a warning that you can break the ECU if you fuck up (very reassuring), but again, its pretty straightforward.
I reset my annual service light easily enough. (Normally I would not do that, but as before its only done 487 miles since it was serviced last year)
It will do the Desmo reset and anything else etc should they be due as well.
I have no error codes, but it will read and reset those, perform endless other functions too. It has an onboard manual if it’s needed
It will even jump on and download any tech bulletins relevant ..
I haven’t explored everything yet, but it does seem to have all the functions expected
All in all, pretty decent.

Keep updating.

Credit to all Ducati motorcycle owners.