Why Lexus user prefer Autel Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors?

Winter is coming so are you getting your winter wheels and tires ready. Maybe you are using an extra set of Camry wheels with snow tires but just need new tpms for the wheels. Autel engineer can recommend a set of aftermarket TPMS that are able to be programmed.


Take one user’s experience for example:

I had a set of Autel sensors supplied, installed and programmed by my tire dealer on aftermarket (summer) wheels. I had previously checked the id codes of the oem sensors but the dealer was able to over-write the oem codes into the Autels no problem. They require a few tire revolutions (half a block or less) to register each time I drive the car but otherwise work flawlessly. I’ve just gone back to my winter rims with the oem sensors and they are working “as new” also, displaying pressures before even moving the car. Some folks don’t have the same experience…I suspect that Autel have different models of sensor. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what specific model I got.


Yes, Autel is available with 2 models of Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors:

Autel MX-Sensor 433/315 MHZ 2 IN 1 TPMS Sensor

Autel MX-Sensor 433MHZ Universal Programmable TPMS Sensor


Autel Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors 01

Image 1: Autel MX-Sensor 433/315 MHZ 2 IN 1 TPMS Sensor


Autel Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors 02

Image 2: Autel MX-Sensor 433MHZ Universal Programmable TPMS Sensor


Autel TPMS Sensor is able to program with an Autel programmer, in stance Autel TS401, TS501, TS601 etc.

Read an Autel TS401 user’s feedback:

Used an Autel TS401 reader/programmer to install on my Toyota. (The TS401 can only program AUTEL MX sensors)
Since the new MX sensor has a non matching ID number to the old sensor the TPMS system will not recognize it.
You must program/clone the new MX sensor.
The ID number from the old sensor must be written to the new MX sensor with an AUTEL tool.

OR your Toyota TPMS system must have new MX sensor ID programmed to it using an appropriate scan tool.


And an Autel TS508 user’s feedbacks:

  1. Autel MX-Sensor 433/315 MHZ 2 IN 1 TPMS Sensor worked perfectly! Used an Autel TS508 to make an identical coded winter set for my daughter’s 2018 Toyota RAV4. Follow the instructions! Keep all of the sensors well separated as you go thru the process so that you get 4 unique sensors matching the original (Pacific Industries, IIRC) units 1 for 1. Also, make sure your software on the tool is up to date as they’ve released several revisions since I bought the tool.

    When the first snow approached we swapped the winter set of 4 in, stashed the 3 season set in the attic of the garage, and the vehicle never skipped a beat.


  1. I already have an Autel TS508 programmer so I was good to go. I am adding these MX-sensors to a set of winter wheels used on a 2012 Toyota RAV4 for up coming winter season. The TPMS IDs were read from the sensors on the regular wheels and then “cloned” over to these MX-Sensors. Reading and cloning was easy and worked well.

    TIP#2 have the programming/cloning done BEFORE you have the installed inside the wheels! Now I am off to swap out the regular valve stems with these and check if the wheels need re-balancing. The stem nuts on these are 11mm hex. The stem attaching screw is TORX20. Both have a 4 Nm install torque spec.

    Now I can do seasonal wheel swaps without having to re-program the TPMS computer every time and no annoying TPMS cluster icon. I also did the same using a set of Autel’s older dual Hz sensors for a 2017 Toyota Sienna and had similar results.
    BTW I loath TPMS systems…