How to Clone Volvo S60 CEM R5F64524?

Here are the tips on Volvo S60 CEM cloning.


For example:

On a Volvo S60 2011 T6 with Changing CEM

Chip is RENESSA: 32R R5F64524

You can read all dumps: P-FLASH, D-FLASH, EPROM  with Xhorse VVDI Prog or Autel XP400 Pro.

VVDIProg and XP400 all failed to write and received error in erase.

Volvo S6 Cem Clone 1

Volvo S6 Cem Clone 2

Volvo S6 Cem Clone 3

Volvo S6 Cem Clone 4


IO Terminal or SMOK are good for this Job.


With I/O Terminal tool:

If you have Data Flash, use IO Terminal. Load to IO Terminal Data Flash and get “12 digit password” then its cloning time.

for P1, P2 (CEM H-L) password cracker exits direct via CAN-H CAN-L extract it and cloning without open CEM module.
With SMOK:
SMOK programmer can lone the processor flash and then transfer the eeprom.
SMOK supplies with the specific activation.
If you have CEM L you must buy CEM L. Best choice is to buy same number as old then copy 93c86 and Renesas and thats all. Before i have also same problem with CEM H and i buy CEM H but not the same number. When i open it the mainboard had a lot of differences so i desolder whole mainboard with MCU and solder it to new CEM. Car starts and everything is ok.
If you have same mainboard as original you can copy renesas flash easily with SMOK programmer.