Autel Nissan16+32 Bypass Cable Working or Not?

Here is a list of questions to ask:

1). Has anyone tried out the new Nissan gateway cable yet? Will it allow us to add keys to the 2021 Nissan Rogue?

2) AKL on 2020 Nissan Sentra – needs the 16 + 32 SGW adaptor. Anyone use this yet? what I’ve read I’ll need to get the PIN as well since it cannot extract it.

3) Can IM608 works with Nissan Sentra that has secure gateway. IM608 says the 16 + 32 cable working

4). Who been able to program spare key for 20020 sentra using the 16-32 adapter? I try today but not go.



Autel Nissan 16+32 Bypass cable:

Autel Nissan 16+32 Secure Gateway Adaptor for Autel MaxiIM IM608 and IM508

This cable is designed to be used with Nissan Sentra 2021+ and other models 8th Generation with B18 Chassis.

Add key (Bypass PIN Code) for Sylphy Micra and Sentra of 2021 Nissan

Autel Nissan 12 36 Cable

Autel Im608 Nissan Bypass Cable 2


1.Autel techniscan claimed it’s only for European Nissan but not USA model.  Add key only in EUROPEAN. Not for American market yet.

2. Add key only with the bypass cable with 1 working key.

3. Only with Autel 16pin-32pin cable and it’s only for add a key not all keys lost.

With 16+32 gateway adapter, it doesn’t need the password when adding new key for Sylphy, Sentra and the car with B18 chassis.
Note: If all keys lost, it will require password to program new key. You need to get the PIN from an outside source since the tool won’t extract it.


it clearly shows in the screen
IM608 is asking for the gateway connector 16+32.

Autel Im608 Nissan Bypass Cable 1

The “Controller Assembly–Central Gateway” is behind the instrument cluster. Vehicle disassembly is not necessary–the connectors can be accessed by reaching high above the brake pedal.
There’s a 32-pin connector, a 12-pin connector, and two coaxial connectors.
The 32-pin fits into the new Autel 16+32 cable.


Vehicle ignition is on (can’t start car with gateway unplugged, but can turn ignition on)
J2534 OBDII to the 16/32 cable
32-pin to the gateway cable
J2534 to cigarette lighter

Autel Im608 Nissan Bypass Cable 3

Autel Im608 Nissan Bypass Cable 4