VAG MQB RH850 Cluster 5A vs 5C

What is the difference between VAG MQB RH850 cluster 5A and 5C? What device will read these clusters?


5A vs 5C Cluster 

How to tell 5A and 5C cluster?

The best it is to scan the key, if you have one. If no keys present you can find out which is which by finding those little eeproms as on the picture.

EM = 5A: PCJ = 5C

Verify the chip on the board, if it marks EM, then it is 5A dashboard.
It marks with PCJ, it is 5C cluster.

5a Mqb

EM = 5A

5c Mqb

PCJ = 5C


2.Depends on models.

VAG MQB 5C and 5A model list (for reference only)

CG100X 5A Or 5C Cluster


What tool to read 5A/5C cluster?

No aftermarket tool at the moment can decrypt 5C.  For clusters with RH850 if it is 5A it’s doable Immo and Mileage and if it is 5C then Not Possible at the moment. 

You can read encrypted 5C data and display mileage only. No device yet to decode immo on it.

CG100X/Xhorse is not able to calculate even mileage for 5C, the same like AVDI abrites.

Cluster 5C comes up either VDO or Visteon, they both RH850, you can read and write at the moment only VDO for testing purposes with Xhorse unless they fix mileage.



CG100X, VVDI Prog, Key Tool Plus and Multi Prog will read RH850 5A cluster (CG100X for mileage only).



CG100X 2019 VW Tiguan MQB RH850 R7F701407 Mileage Correction