Autel BT506 vs BT508 vs BT608 vs BT609 Car Battery Tester

Autel released several MaxiBAS battery testers for repair shops and mechanics. Which one is better to choose from?

Here we compare all these testers and help you decide which one suits you best.

Autel MaxiBAS BT506 vs BT508 vs BT608 vs BT609

Features Autel BT506 Autel BT508  Autel BT608/BT608E Autel BT609
Hardware Autel Bt506 Autel Bt508 Autel Bt608
CPU Cortex-M4 Cortex-M4 Cotex-A35 Quad-core, 1.5Ghz Cotex-A35 Quad-core, 1.5Ghz
Display None None 5.5720*1280 7.0 1280*800
Battery None None 3000mAh, 6H 6000mAh, 6H
Memory None None 2GB/32G 2GB/64G
Android system None None Android 9.0 Android 9.0
Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) None V200P V200 V200
Battery Test
In-vehicle test
Out-vehicle test
Battery Test X
Battery Reset X
Read/Erase Codes X
Live Data X X
Service Functions X X X
Battery Location Diagrams
Battery Health Report
Update Frequency X X X X


Autel BT608 vs. BT508 vs. BT506 Comparison

Autel BT508 Vs BT508 Vs BT608


  1. Price

Autel BT609>BT608 > BT508 > BT506

  1. Battery Test Function

Autel BT609>BT608 > BT508 > BT506 BT608 covers all battery test functions of the others and added up to 3000 CCA range, temperature compensation, 3 modes of system detection, built-in printer, optional mulitimeter & AMP clamp. BT508 takes the second, supports Battery Registration for 53 vehicle makes, electrical reset, system detection, battery health report while BT506 does not.

  1. Diagnostic Function

Autel BT608 and BT609 supports full system diagnostics without annual update fee. Autel BT508 only supports one car brand diagnosis, charge for other brands & annual update. Autel BT506 does not have the function.

  1. Software & Hardware

Autel BT609>BT608 > BT508 = BT506 BT608 is featured with Android 9.0 operating system while the others do not. BT608 is equipped with higher hardware to configure while the others are not. Such as 5.5-inch touch screen, Cortex-A35 processor, 32G memory, 2G RAM, built-in battery and 8mp camera. Commonalities All support 5 battery types: Flooded, AGM, AGM Spiral, EFB, GEL. All support 11 battery ratings: CCA, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, SAE, IEC, EN, EN2, BCI, GB. All support 6V, 12V battery voltage, 12V, 24V electrical system and 1.5-36V voltage range. All have battery location diagrams, email reports and cloud-based service functions.

Summarize Autel BT608 Battery Tester is the most advanced & multifunctional tool among three. It suits car repair shop or battery shop that needs to do battery maintenance & system diagnose in daily work. Its built-in printer is designed to quick print whenever customers need. Autel BT508 is suitable for DIYers or car owners who want to diagnose battery & one car system by themselves. It supports 53 battery registration models, electrical reset & AutoVIN, which is also a good investment. Autel BT506 Battery Analysis Tool is the most highly cost-effective among them. It can meet the basic battery test & maintenance needs. It’s compact to carry, suitable for whoever like repairman or personal use. As for diagnostics, BT506 can also work with Autel Maxisys tablets to realize.