Activate Adaptive Cruise Control on VW with VNCI 6154A ODIS


Regular standard cruise turned out to be inconvenient when there are a lot of cars, the flow speed is constantly “swimming”, you need to reduce the speed often, and with each braking the cruise is turned off. No pleasure, a kind of constant gimmick “turn on the button – turn off with the brake pedal.” Some people may install the adaptive cruise.


Tools needed:

-buttons for the steering wheel – they were needed with matte rims and so that all the keys except ACC coincided with car, without any “mode” buttons

-ODIS adapter

According to the reviews and recommendations that we came across, including during the drive, the most stable 6154 interface is the red VNCI 6154A. Diagnostics via WiFi or USB, no 3rd party drivers when connecting (ODIS defines it as standard equipment, straight plug and play).

The VNCI 6154A seemed to be of good quality, the plastic was dense and of good quality. Based on first impressions, we can say the following:

VNCI 6154A Review 1
— it started up with ODIS-E and ODIS-S immediately on the native drivers, without any trouble.
— everything that can be activated without SFD was activated.
— it also works fine with VCTool, but you need to update the cord firmware to or higher (there is a Device Manager utility on the disk).


What is inside?

VNCI 6154A Review 2

VNCI 6154A Review 3

VNCI 6154A Review 4

VNCI 6154A Review 5

VNCI 6154A Review 6

Removed top board

VNCI 6154A Review 7

Spare parts.



Installed adaptive cruise (ACC)


When everything arrived, first change the buttons.

It took about half an hour; there were no difficulties in removing the pillow or frame. To remove the frame, I used a set of plastic pullers, inserting it next to each latch and gradually turning the puller (in several passes in a circle). I can’t imagine how you can remove the frame simply by hand and not break the fastenings or tear the petal trains.

Vnci 6154a Installed Adaptive Cruise 2 Vnci 6154a Installed Adaptive Cruise 3 Vnci 6154a Installed Adaptive Cruise 4 Vnci 6154a Installed Adaptive Cruise 5 Vnci 6154a Installed Adaptive Cruise 6 Vnci 6154a Installed Adaptive Cruise 7 Vnci 6154a Installed Adaptive Cruise 8

Then enable adaptive cruise control with VNCI 6154A odis

Vnci 6154a Installed Adaptive Cruise 9

Feedback: I’ve been driving for the second week now, in the city ACC is of little use to me, but on the highway/Ring Road/WHSD it’s an awesomely convenient thing.