How to install VCM2 Mazda IDS 99 without VMware

With great efforts, I finally succeeded to find a way to install VCM2 Ford and Mazda IDS V99 without VMware player.


Here are my steps:

1- Set date in bios on 6.august 2015

2- Fresh install WIN7

3- Install calibration file 81

4- Install IDS v86 driver

5- Reboot computer

6- Patch

7- Reboot computer

8- Connect VCM and start it

9- Write you about licence to continue

10- Pop up message about 3 days expiration licence,

11- Close all & unplug VCM 2 diagnostic scanner

12- Install Mazda IDS software 99 version


14- Plug in VCM II and start the program to test for diagnostics/ programming.

15- If all is ok, then turn off IDS, unplug VCM & install freeze software




NOTE: Don’t forget to FIRST SET THIS DATE IN BIOS, before starting the computer with win7 and IDS anytime!!!!!!!!

I installed this for nearly 20 times on windows 7 operating system. During this, I read lots of tutorials of IDS and VCM installation but only this one work for me without virtual machine . Hope my solution help someone in need also.


Ps. here Mazda IDS version 99.01 i tried is from a forum and this work without problem. Flashing too. Many thanks to the provider for this version.

Mazda V99.01.exe