How to Activate Mazda 3 2012 Cruise Control with VCM2 IDS

How to: activate the cruise control on the Mazda 3 BL 1.6L AT 2012Y.

Mazda VCM-II IDS will be used as always.

Make good connection. Moving to Module Programming :

activate-mazda-3-cruise control-ids-1

Then select Programmable Parameters and then select Speed ​​Items from drop-down list :

activate-mazda-3-cruise control-ids-2

Here we have one parameter Cruise Control – (PCM) =? . Change its value to Enabled :

activate-mazda-3-cruise control-ids-3

Click on the check mark in the lower right corner, and on the pop-up IDS instructions, turn on / off the ignition the necessary number of times.

Connect in automatic mode:

activate-mazda-3-cruise control-ids-4

Select the Programming Module :

activate-mazda-3-cruise control-ids-5

Select the VIN number corresponding to the car:

activate-mazda-3-cruise control-ids-6

Click on Programmable Parameters -> Speed ​​Positions :

activate-mazda-3-cruise control-ids-7

Check the correctness of the VIN number:

activate-mazda-3-cruise control-ids-8

Select Cruise Control – (PCM) = Enabled :

activate-mazda-3-cruise control-ids-9

Turn on / off the ignition the necessary number of times, the system will prompt everything itself. Module configuration is complete:

activate-mazda-3-cruise control-ids-10

Cruise works.
All good.

Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. You are at your risk.