Free Download Mitsubishi MUT-III 23061-00 Software for RNM & J2534 here provides 23061-00 2023 Mitsubishi MUT-III diagnostic software download free.


MUT-III is the comprehensive diagnostic suite that supports ABS, SAS, SRS, TPMS, EPB, and DPF, IMMO, ETACS systems and more for Mitsubishi ! You will essentially have dealer functionality at home! 


Software version: 23061-00 [2023]

Operating system: Win10 63bit


Compatible devices: VNCI RNM, original RNM, J2534 adapters (J2534 requires replace file)


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Examples of some Supported features:
  • Diagnostics of electronic systems of Mitsubishi vehicles
  • Viewing and recording of operating parameters in real-time
  • Adaptations implementation and resetting
  • Service procedures
  • Key/Remote programming
  • ETACS option coding
  • ETACS reset
  • Injector coding\testing\learning
  • Component calibration
  • Changing VIN number
  • And many more!


To use with VNCI RNM, you also need to download Bosch RNM VCI driver and VNCI device manager drivers.

Download both drivers in the previous post:

Free Download VNCI RNM Nissan Renault Mitsubishi Software

MUT 3 23061-00 Software Display:

MUT III 2023 Software 1

MUT III 2023 Software 2

MUT III 2023 Software 3

MUT III 2023 Software 4

MUT III 2023 Software 5

If use MUT II 2023 software with J2534 adapters, here is the passthru solution:
Download ‘common‘ registry replacement file.

Right click on mut3se shortcut, open file location, go one folder back to see the common folder.
Rename the common folder to anyname like commonORI for example.
Extract the common.rar to same location and start your mut3se from your desktop shortcut.


Some supported J2534 adapters:
  • Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 (Recommended)
  • ScanDoc Compact (Recommended)
  • Scanmatik 2 Pro (Recommended)
  • Godiag J2534
  • Bosch
  • Xhorse MVCI Pro
  • CarDiag
  • Actia
  • Autel J2534
  • Mini-VCI
  • Chipsoft J2534
  • Other J2534 adapters – provided that the adapter is 100% compliant engineer has tested Godiag J2534 and Xhorse MVCI Pro J2534 with MUT3 2023. Working well.


Video reference: