How to install VADIAG VCX NANO Mazda IDS V95 on Win 7

VADIAG VCX NANO diagnostic interface is compatible with Ford IDS and Mazda IDS 2-in-1. Both software need to installed separately. Here is the step-by-step instruction on installing Mazda IDS V95 software on Window 7 directly (no VMware).


Mazda IDS installation is different from Ford IDS installation. Ford IDS V95 and Mazda IDS V95 can not be installed directly on same Win 7 laptop. If you setup Ford IDS on VMware, then you can install Mazda IDS directly on same laptop, it is OK.


NO Activation is required.

Main steps:

1) Install Mazda IDS V95 software

2) Install Mazda IDS V95.01& IDS V95.02 update exe

3) Install VCMII Driver

4) Connect VXDIAG VCX NANO interface

5) Run MAZDA IDS software



1) Install Mazda IDS V95 software


Insert Mazda IDS software CD to computer

Open Computer

Open DVD RW Drive (E:) Ford Mazda IDS


Copy Mazda IDS95 folder to desktop

Open the Mazda IDS95 folder on desktop

Open and Install Mazda IDS V95 software


Select IDS V95 software language


Click Yes to proceed

Install Mazda IDS 95.00 wizard

Click Next

Accept license agreement

Click Next

Click Install

Install software, the procedure will take 30 minutes to 2 hours, please wait patiently

Click Reboot to restart the computer when software is well installed



2) Install Mazda IDS V95.01 & V95.02 update.exe


Open Mazda IDS software on desktop

Select Dealer Type: None-Dealer and Country, press Tick


Check software and then close it

Open Mazda IDS95 folder on desktop

Install Mazda IDS V95.01 update.exe


The procedure will take about 30 minutes

Then install Mazda IDS V95.02 update.exe


Wait for about 30 minutes until it is well installed

Restart the computer


3) Install VCMII Driver


Open Computer

Open DVD RW Drive (E:) Ford Mazda IDS

Open VCMII Driver


Click Next

Click Next

Click Finish when VCM2 driver is installed


4) Connect VXDIAG Ford& Mazda interface


Connect VXDIAG VCX NANO interface with computer

The system will detect driver and install device driver software

Open Computer>>Device Manager>>Ports>>USB Serial Port (COM4) and USB Serial Converter to check well communication is built


5) Run Mazda IDS software


Open Mazda IDS software on desktop

Let the IDS software detect vehicle information



Select diagnostic & programming function or view data logging etc.