QUICKLYNKS Electronic Park Brake (EPB) EP31 Tool

There are several Electronic Park Brake (EPB) tools manufactured by different brands, such as AUTEL, Foxwell, Autophix, Quicklynks etc on the aftermarket. Most of them are not cheap. But EP31 EPB tool is the cheapest powered by Quicklynks comparing with other brands.

The 100% original QUICKLYNKS Electronic Park Brake (EPB) diagnostic service tool EP31 is special designed for Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo vehicle models.

Language: English/Spanish
Update: Free update online via a serial cable. Login to official website: http://www.leagend.com/

Vehicle list:

Audi, VW Passat, Mercedes Benz & Volvo

Audi A6 [4F Chassis] Petrol/Diesel – Model Years 2004 onwards
Audi A8 [4C Chassis] Petrol/Diesel – Model Years 2004 onwards
Passat [3C Chassis] Petrol/Diesel – Model Years 2005 onwards
Mercedes SL [221/230] Petrol/Diesel – Model Years up to 2007
Mercedes E-Class [211/219] Petrol/Diesel – Model Years up to 2006
Volvo S80 Petrol/Diesel-2007 and onwards
Volvo V70 Petrol/Diesel-2008 and onwards
Volvo XC70 Petrol/Diesel-2008 and onwards
Volvo XC60 Petrol/Diesel-2010 and onwards
Volvo S60 Petrol/Diesel-2011 and onwards

EP31 EPB scanner parking service fault reset caliper tool Function:

1. Deactivates/activates SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control);
2. Changes brake fluid/bleeds brake system;
3. Inspects brake system for air;
4. Opens/closes the brake pads;
5. Basic setting of rear brake calipers after changing brake discs & pads;
6. Retrieves ECU information;
7. Reads and clears EPB/SBC trouble codes;
8. Trouble code definitions are displayed on unit screen;

EP31 EPB tool Specification:

Up to 5 keypads for easy operation;
Detachable and replaceable 16-pin OBD2 cable
Large LCD display (128 x 64, backlight) with adjustable contrast;
Multilingual (optional);
One year warranty

Electronic Park Brake EPB tool EP31 main unit, OBD cable (used to update the EPB service tool), software CD and User Manual.
Electronic Park Brake (EPB) EP31 Tool Electronic Park Brake (EPB) EP31 Tool

If you need to deal with Audi, VW Passat and Mercedes Benz models only, please select EPB 21 service tool Item No: SC150.

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