Which one is good for ford pats incode/outcode tool to buy?

If you make many Ford’s, I think the best option is newest handheld Ford Calculator FMPC001. FMPC001 supports 6 digits OUTCODE transfer to 4 digits INCODE for old Ford and Mazda.
FMPC001 incode calculator
In order to help Ford locksmiths know more details on Ford Calculator FMPC001, I include some questions and answers as follows.

Q: Is FMPC001 with Tokens as the old one that with USB dongle (SS23-2K)
A: No tokens limitation

Q: Any test 2014+ mondeo or Lincoln MKZ Dyzio?
A: Work for 2014+ new Focus3, 2010+ Kuga, 2014+ Mondeo, etc.

Q: How long take calculation with it?
I just program key for Ford Focus 2013 with zed full it take 5min so I wonder how far this function will work for that car too in this time

Q: will it work with x100?
A: should work with all tools

Q: How FMPC001 Calculator work?
A: I bought a couple of them and I tested on one of Ford Mondeo 2010 and it spitted out new code correctly while the old incode/outcode was NOT accepted. You need to select make-model and initialize the software before you proceed the key programming process, it seems to me that it talks to ECU/DASH/BCM and grabs some dump.

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