VW/AUDI MINI DSG Reader (DQ200+DQ250) software download

MINI DSG Reader is a new released VAG diagnostic tool for reading and writing latest dual-clutch DSG gearbox (DQ200 and DQ250) data for AUDI and VW. Here is the free software download link provided.

Why the DSG gearbox should be tuned?
With modern dual clutch transmissions we are seeing a big evolution in how tuners approach platforms equipped with these transmissions. You may get an ECU tune for your DSG equipped car and be making quite a bit more horsepower and torque but torque limits placed in the computer controlling the transmission will prevent you from getting all that torque to the ground.

Mini DSG Reader Software version: 2014.06

Mini DSGReader.iso software free download
Software installation video guide:
MINI DSG Reader (DQ200+DQ250) software MINI DSG Reader (DQ200+DQ250) software
Language: English
O/S: Win XP
Protocol: K-Line and CAN BUS

How to connect 2014 Mini DSG Reader DQ200 DQ250 for VW Audi DSG Auto Gearbox?

You don’t need remove ECU from car, only connect some plug to the DSG ECU and then you can read/write and save dump to bin file.

Mini DSG reader cable pinout:
MINI DSG Reader (DQ200+DQ250)
Pinout for DQ200
MINI DSG Reader (DQ200+DQ250)
Pinout for DQ250
MINI DSG Reader (DQ200+DQ250)

1) If you get “License Expired” error message when run dsgreader.exe, please send us your ID for activation after installing the software.

2) Some professional tuners reported back that clone Kess V2 ECU Box Programmer with firmware 4.036 works excellent in tuning DSG250 auto gearbox for VAG groups.

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