Update FMPC001 Ford/Mazda incode calculator to V1.7

Hand-held FMPC001 Ford/Mazda Incode Calculator no token limitation new software V1.7 has newly released.
1. Latest version: V1.7
2. No need install software.
3. All hand-held calculate incode outcode for Ford and Mazda.
4. Support 6 digit outcode transfer to 4 digit.

5. Updated online.
6. Device come with 50 tokens for new models, each calculation cost 1 token. No deduction for old models.


How to update FPMC001 incode calculator to V1.7?


1). Update will automatically add/recharge 50 tokens, no need to add token.

2).Do follow these steps, otherwise you will have update error.)

1. Connect FMPC001 to PC via USB cable
2. install drivers
3. copy FMPC DFU V1.1.exe and FMPC_V1.7 Upgrade.bin to desktop
4. rename: FMPC_V1.7 Upgrade.bin to 1.bin
5. start update

If you need the V1.7 update file,please contact our customer service www.obdii365.com


Video Guide: