How to activate Super MB Star SMART TAN CODE software

Benz Super MB STAR C3 diagnostic system is able to troubleshoot Benz autobus truck, saloon car, sports car, smart car etc. Super MB STAR C3 comes with several software, including: Smart TAN Code. The function of the Smart TAN code is to open special function in DAS program with Smart cars 450/451/452/454.

The activation of the Smart TAN code will teach in keys, activate Softouch function, activate the gearshfit/paddle shifts of the steering angle sensor, activate cruise control, tune brabus performance, SCN Coding, print and share the log file etc.
Super MB Star SMART TAN CODE software Super MB Star SMART TAN CODE software Super MB Star SMART TAN CODE software


1) Initial startup

Well installed Super MB STAR diagnostic tool Xentry/DAS software
Start Xentry, then select car type in DAS and enter by “Vehicle ID by entering the VIN”
Manually enter the VIN on DAS page, press F2 and come to car diagnostic menu.

Entering the VIN will allow DAS to write the good “factory default” files to your VIN and to program the N10/10 SAM (those files are stored on you installed DAS/Xentry) on a clean flash install which means all previous information/default codes in the memory will be erased. This process is to be applied when you need to put a new SAM unit in the car to replace a failed one too.

Enter into “Systems”>>N10/10(SAM control Unit)>>Initial startup>> Initial startup of control Unit N10/10 (SAM unit) and follow DAS instructions
Turn ignition off and on several times
Once Initial startup succeed, close DAS.
Close Xentry.

2) Activate Smart TAN Code

Restart Super MB STAR C3 multiplexer Xentry, then DAS, selecting your vehicle Brand and Type ( for example Smart Roadster 452.434) and then perform “ ID vehicle by control Unit”

Go to “Systems”>>N3/10(MEG control Unit)>>control Unit adaptations>>Activation of function “Steering wheel gearshift”.

Follow the Star C3 diagnostic software instructions until the page where you’ll have to type your TAN code:

You should read “FUCK-YOU0-JOHN” in the cases when the page opened, that means you have successfully mod the *.dll file into DAS/…/SMART folder

Enter you TAN CODE into the mask (in place of the Fuck-you0-john), wait for the software is making all verifications and programming …… until you’ll have the message “equipment successfully activated”. The Smart TAN Code has been activated.

If the DAS/Xentry enters into the SCN Coding screen, you can use F1 to go back and leave this step and continue to activate other Smart special functions, cruise control, Softouch etc.  MB Star

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