Super MB Star C3 USB Key tester.exe free download

The USB key/USB dongle is required when using MB original Super MB Star C3 multiplexer with external removable diagnostic software HDD (current 2015.05V Platinum edition).
Super MB Star C3 USB Key tester

The Super MB Star C3 USB dongle tester.exe is needed when you encounter these 2 occasions:

1) Have the super mb star USB key inserted the laptop via USB port, but trying to enter the Xentry or DAS, the Star diagnosis software keeps prompt:

“Please insert Super MB STAR USB key”
Super MB Star C3 USB Key tester
The USB key indicator was on, but did not flash or turn off

2) Super MB star 2012.11 with moveable hard disk, and when run DAS software, it says “Super MB star dongle not found! Please insert the USB Dongle!”


1. First of all, use the Super MB Star diagnosis system USB key correctly.
Before start the Super MB Star software, insert into USB KEY, and when it runs, don’t take out USB KEY, otherwise the computer will automatically shutdown.

2. Then check the VM settings, please tick before USB key, please set like this: Removable Devices-USBkey-Show in Status Bar.

3. If it still fails to detect the USB dongle, download the Super MB Star USBKey tester.exe, insert the USB Key into the laptop, and then open the USBKey Tester.exe, if this software can be opened successfully, it shows that your USB Key is working.

Free download the Super MB STAR USBKey Tester.exe