Super MB STAR C3 Top version vs. Platinum version

Super MB STAR C3 diagnostic system software comes with few versions, Top version edition, Platinum version, normal edition, plus edition etc. The Top version and Platinum version are the most respected among these versions. All of STAR C3 diagnostic software HDD released to 2015.01 version.

Super MB SATR C3 Platinum version software HDD:
Platinum Version software can work with Super MB STAR C3 and MB SD Connect C4 multiplexer. It supports offline SCN coding (1 time free), Xentry special function , Xentry developer keygen, FDOK/Vedoc, truck speed limited, SBC reset, DPF generation, airbag ECU unlock etc.

Super MB SATR C3 Top version software HDD:
STAR Top version only works with Benz MB STAR C3 multiplexer. The diagnostic software also supports offline SCN coding, but the Online SCN coding has no time limitation, it’s permanently available. But the top version does not support Xentry special function and FDOK/Vedoc.

Super MB STAR C3 normal edition software HDD:
Normal edition software cannot support Offline SCN coding, Xentry special function, DAS developer Mode, FDOK/Vedoc and some other special functions, like truck speed limited, SBC reset, DPF generation, airbag ECU unlock, unlock SAM etc.

Super MB STAR C3 plus edition software HDD:
The STAR C3 diagnostic Plus edition covers less function and software available comparing with other software HDD versions. It supports online SCN coding, XENTRY developer keygen, DAS developer Mode, but Plus edition cannot work on some special functions as normal edition. super mb star software

For detail information, please check the table comparison below:

Super MB STAR C3