How to test Volvo DiCE Communication with VIDA


Steps to test DiCE communication with VIDA: Connect the DiCE unit by USB cable to your computer. Start VIDA. Open the Connected Vehicles tab. Select the DiCE to be tested in the drop-down menu. ð The DiCE Configuration button appears. 5. Click DiCE Configuration. ð The DiCE Configuration pop-up opens. 6. Click Test Communication… Continue Reading

10.2019 BMW ETK Parts Catalogue Download FREE


10.2019 BMW ETK – latest spare parts and accessories catalog   Links: Link 1: Link 2: (tested & worked) Link 2:!qbJDGKiC!PZiLCzjiw2uucoA8xgKp-hSkyyvXo1-DNBKMrRcLnZk CD version: 10/2019 EPC version: ETK 3.2.20 Database version: ETK 2.36 Data from: 20.09.2019   Language:… Continue Reading

Maserati MDVCI User Manual: Diagnosis, Coding, Programming


Maserati MDVCI full kit: MDVCI=Maserati Diagnosi Vehicle Communication Interface. It comes with a Maserati diagnostic tool and used but working Panasonic CF19 laptop Images: source:   Maserati MDVCI software:   Software covered:   MDVCI-Diagnosis software Spare part catalogue Wiring… Continue Reading