Godiag Boot GPT ECU Adapter vs Other Boot GPT Adapter

What’s the advantage of Godiag Boot GPT Bench ECU Adapter compared to other boot/GPT adapters?

Godiag Ecu Adapter 3

Let’s check the table below:

Item Godiag Boot Gpt Cable 1 Godiag Boot Gpt Cable Vs Other Cable 1 Godiag Boot Gpt Cable Vs Other Cable 2 Godiag Boot Gpt Cable Vs Other Cable 3
Compatible with J2534 Devices X X
BOOT Resistor board X X X
Dedicated ECU Jumper Cables X X X
Power ignition manual automatic switch X X
CANbus switch 120Ω Fixed 120Ω X Fixed 120Ω
5V 3.3V GND CNF1 X X X

The godiag ECU adapter can be used standalone or with Godiag GT100 breakout box. When working with GT100, it is convenient to check communication status, working status, current and voltage.

Godiag Boot Gpt Cable 4

Top advantages of Godiag ECU Adapter:

1. Can be used with J2534 devices (SM2 Pro, Openport, Mongoose Pro, VXDIAG VCX SE etc) + pcmflash dongle to read ECU/Gearbox via obd on bench, on bench, GPT (only SM2 pro) and boot mode

2.Supports read and write ECU by GPT without disassembling the ECU

3. Support read and write data in boot mode

3. With Boot resistance board

Godiag Ecu Adapter 2

4. Support RESET, BOOT, CNF1, GPT1, GPT2, 5V, 3.3V, VPP, GND.

5. Support PCMFlash automatic control of ignition power supply

6. Support manual ignition power control

9. CANbus is equipped with a switch to freely select the 120Ω resistor

10. with dedicated ECU jumper cables (labeled)


Operation Demo: