Launch X431 Pro Elite vs Launch X431 ProS V5.0

What’s the difference between Launch X431 Pro Elite and ProS V5.0 diagnostic scanner?

Check the table comparison below:

Item Launch X431 Pro Elite

Launch X431 Pro Elite

Launch X431 Pros V5.0

Launch X431 Pros V5


Operating system Android 10.0 Android 10.0
Processor 2.0Ghz 4-core 2Ghz, 4 core
Screen & resolution 8 inch, 1280*800 8 inch, 1280*800
Front/rear camera -/8.0 MP
Connection Via cable WiFi, Bluetooth, 2xUSB
Battery 6000mAh 6300mAh
DBScar USB cable only DBScar VII
CAN FD protocol Yes, built-in Yes, built-in
DoIP protocol Yes, built-in Yes, built-in
Full system diagnostic Yes Yes
Intelligent Diagnose Yes Yes
Bi-directional/Activate Test Yes Yes
Special functions 32+ 37+
ECU Coding No No
Auto VIN Yes Yes
TPMS Yes with TSGUN Yes with TSGUN
Battery test Yes with BST360 Yes with BST360
IMMO Programmer Yes with X-prog3 Yes with X-prog3
VAG Guided function Yes, NO extra costs to use the VAG Guided Functions on LAUNCH X431 PRO ELITE Pay for license
Videoscope Yes with VSP600 Yes with VSP600
ADAS calibration Yes with ADAS kit Yes with ADAS kit
WiFi printer Yes Yes
FCA AutoAuth Yes Yes
Update 2 years free update, $199 per year later 2 Years Free Update
Multi-language Yes Yes
Price in obdii365 $579 $759


In sum:

  • Both scanners cannot do online coding, only offline coding.
  • Pro Elite supports USB connection only. Pros V5.0 with DBScar VII supports wireless connection.
  • Pros V5.0 has more special functions than Pro Elite, but need to pay license for VAG Guided function.