KT200 Read Chrysler Dodge FCA GPEC2A in Boot

KT200 read Chrysler Dodge FCA GPEC2A all in boot no problem.


NEW BOOT MODE (BAM) for CONTINENTAL GPEC ECUs/PCMs used on 2015+ FCA Fiat, JEEP, Chrysler, Dodge


Complete reading and writing Micro
Complete reading and writing Eeprom
Recovery and checksum available


Review 1:

I read and write gpec2a with kt200 full no problem on newest version 11.01.

Modified flash file into different format, modified flash dtc off with hptuner and reformatted back to dfb format. Checksum ok. no problems

Select Tool boot->Motorola Freescale bam->gpec2a protocol.

works good. Read took maybe 15 mins

KT200 Read Chrysler GPEC2A 0

KT200 Read Chrysler GPEC2A 1

this wire is cnf1 for kt200

KT200 Read Dodge GPEC2A 2


Review 2).

I have tested in those PCMs (GPEC2A, GPEC3) with KT200 and read well but I did test writing to see if correct checksums.

KT200 Read Chrysler GPEC2A 2

KT200 Read Chrysler GPEC2A 4

KT200 Read Chrysler GPEC2A 5

KT200 Read Chrysler GPEC2A 6



KT200 only works with some PCMs with SPC5674 processor. It does not work with all, like original Dfox.  “Unlock Patch” is required to unlock ECUs with different processors.
If there is no unlock function, genuine products such as Alientech and Dimsport are required.