KT200 Audi EDC15P Error Send Log File Solution


I tested the first car Audi A4 1.9TDI EDC15P with KT200 and I drove it several times, it reads it, but when I type, this appears.

Error send log file

Kt200 Audi Edc15p


This is very old ecu with many problems, try on bench not in car, must physical check to see if EDC15P or EDC15P + as msa15 not gong to read it over obd you have to desolder eeprom before can use obd read/write.

even galletto has problem with this ECU, one trick we learn was You must click read at write time…turn off dashboard, turn on and after second or second and a half click Write… Sometimes i tried 6 times before start write, back in day even MPPS brick this ecu too.

Mpps is if you have a bricked one , one of the only to to get them back to Life over obd2.

no dash fuse if doing on bench, also Fuse 40 if irc was for golf, he has old audi 80, again, this ecu cause many problems over years.

Just a note too unless you physically have checked ECU then do not make assumption of which it is. Old EDC15P (without +) cannot be done via OBD or bootmode. You need to solder. To identify these EDC15 ecu have 6 screws, EDC15P+ only have 4 screws, If you ecu have 018 part number, then Desolder only is option.