Mercedes CRD3 Checksum Bypass with Vediamo

This is common on Mercedes Benz crd3p.b0, crd3p.e1 and other crd3 ECUs. After writing file with wrong checksum, car start but only once, after you turn ignition off and on it’s continuously off and on 87 kl. relay.


To fix this problem you can bypass checksum checking. Follow the method below. All work takes place in the MB SD C4 DoIP Vediamo software.

Free download CRD3_DEV.CBF

1) In vediamo load CRD3_DEV.CBF
establish communication.

2) In function do



3) go to variant coding

4) do cpc nicht vorhanden as on the picture

5) reset ecu

Benz Crd3 Checksum Off