MB SD Connect C4 Work with Mercedes W223 W206?

Attention, please! If you got an ‘Authentication has failed, fault number C003’ error when diagnosing/coding new Mercedes Benz model W223 W206 with MB SD C4/C4 DoIP/C5/C6, it means mb star openshell does not work on these cars, even the latest 03/2022 xentry.

Sdconnect does not work on w223 or 206.

Mb Sd C4 W206 Authentication Has Failed

Another example:

W213 (2020) missing authorization to perform Xentry short test via 06/2022

Xentry W213 2020 Login Failed

CAN_D and CAN_EXT and CAN_INT and CAN_PTI with Ethernet_DOIP are required for w223 or w206 models.

zenzefi certificates are also required for the latest w223 w206 Mercedes Benz cars or mbux7 cars coding or diagnostics.

You need ZenZefi certificates for the ecu you want to code. Without them you can’t do nothing.

You need for every single ecu separate certificates for Diagnostic and separate for coding. And there are 6 different Types of certificates. After sales Basic, Aftersaleaenhanced, Development, Development Enhanced, Production and Suppliers.
Can eCOM diagnose W223 and W213 without a certificate?
No, you need certificate, ecom, or sd c4 doip.
Users have tested with ecom, original MB VCI, 100%
Enet cable which costs a few bucks works!!!

People have done coding and flashing on w223 with a obd to ethernet cable, with online zenzefi no issues.
ZenZefi certificates has been cracked by genius.

The cracked software is compatible with Benz VCI C6, ECOM, MB SD C4 DoIP only.

The cracked software is available on obdii365.com.

Check where to purchase and how to activate license?

How to Activate Benz W223 C206 W213 W167 License to MB SD C4/C6?

DTS Monaco 8.xx won’t do 223 206 either.

DTS Monaco 9 yes.  Need special projects, along with daimler login with zenzefi rights.
You need diagnostic-enhanced, coding, and enhanced rights certificate to do this without either 1 you cannot continue further, if you have all 3 then it’s basic stuff to do like other models. (while doing this make sure the zenzefi portal has valid user id signed in via offline mode via xentry, break vci connection keep xentry open then proceed with dts 9 and with using SecOConboardcommunication project files do your required work.