How to Activate Benz W223 C206 W213 W167 License to MB SD C4/C6?

MB SD C4 Xentry will tell you that you don’t have insufficient user rights for connecting to the latest DoIP W226 206 213 167 vehicles. You should have Mercedes Xentry Diagnosis W223 W206 Diagnosis Patched Offline to access these new models.

Device affected: DoIP based VCIs, Original C6, OEM eCOM, Super MB Pro M6, Super MB Pro M6+, Benz C6 VCI clone, MB SD C4 DoIP and some aftermarket VCX or others support DOIP protocols.

Xentry affected: Xentry 12/2021, 03/2022, 06/2022, 12/2022, 03/2023

Valid: 6 months
Renew: after 6 months

Cars Supported: W213FL, W167, W223 W206, etc.

Mb Sd C4 Xentry Patch 1

Xentry Offline Patch 2

The process on the patches:
1. Prepare your system Xentry ready to work.
2. Send us the TeamViewer ID pass and we will register and patch the system remotely. 15-20mins

1. The patches are valid within 6 months round, but we will support you renewing for another 6 months round if you’re happy with the system.
2. Offline use only, no addons will be downloaded.
3. Software solutions only, we won’t be responsible to debug or fix your hardware issues.
4. SCN online support NOT INCLUDED.

For w223 it needs ZenZefi certificate.  It’s true for some controller to need ZenZefi on 238/213 facelift but it’s only a few. 223 is a bunch of new ecus with new architecture whereas nearly all need ZenZefi.  If you get xentry from us, activate the w223 206 license $60 for 6 months. If your xentry is not from us, 6-month activation will be $150 around.

* Connect zenzefi with dts monaco 9 and do login with your valid user at Zenzefi and you‘ll get the needed certificates for coding.
Xentry W223 W206 License 1

Mb Sd C4 Xentry Patch 2


If you got the older SD C4 DoIP (Item No. SP100-B1) manufactured before April 11th, 2023, you have to short these two points on wifi card to enable W223 W213 W167 license.

But if you short these points, you can not connect via WiFi. Have to disconnect if need to connect with WiFi.

Newer SD C4 SP100-B1 does support W223 W213 W167 license activation.

Mb Sd C4 Sp100 B1 Wifi 1


Q: The Xentry Offline Patched Can be updated?

A: Nope.

Q: One time purchase or every 6 months?

A: every 6 months

Q: What new cars’ models will be supported?

A: 2021+ models like W223 W206 W213FL W168 W238 … will be supported.

Q: Will this system support SCN online?

A: Not really, diagnose ONLY.
For SCN online you have to approach us with different solutions.

Q: Will this work with special functions?

A: Yes if you have the Mercedes FDOK & Xentry Special Functions Calculator.

Q: Can this work with W213 ISM VGS coding?

A: No, they won’t. W213 ISM VGS coding demand SCN online with original VCI Kit.

Q: Can this support W223 head light exchange?

A: Nope. W223 ISM VGS coding demand SCN online with original VCI Kit.

Q: Will this patch work with DTS Monaco Coding?

A: Nope, it’s only for Xentry 2022 models’ diagnostic functions.

Q: What will be the procedures if I paid for this patch?

A: Send us TeamViewer ID and password for your Xentry system. we will remotely patch for you, 10-15mins job done.

Q: Will my C4 China or VCX interface work with this Xentry system?

A: For 2021+ New models, it demands your VCI support DOIP protocols, like Original C6 VCI, Original Ecom, C4 DOIP or some aftermarket manufactured DOIP VCI. Frankly speaking, we only take care of the software part, for hardware VCI kits test or debug will be at your own responsibility.

Q: Can I update the Windows system with this system?

A: Yes you can.

Q: If my laptop broken, will the licensed patches lost?

Yes, it will. But you can contact our team to repatch your new laptop system again for free within 6months.