Renault OBDlink-sxUSB Renolink OBD2 V1.87 vs. V1.52

Renlink OBD2 Renault USB link 1.52 and 1.87 which worth buying?


Language Comparison:

Renolink v1.52 crack supports English only.

V1.87 Renolink Renault supports both English and French.


System Comparison:

Same, both can be installed on WinXP, Win7


Function Comparison:

They all perform following functions:

– Eprom read / write
– ECU Resetting
– Clear Crash Airbag
– Airbag reset
– Airbag Virginize

– KEY Programming TDB (cluster)
– Indicator Programming
– ECM Programming
– UCH Programming
– EPS Virginizer
– EPS Resetting


The difference is that V1.87 software adds many new features.

Renolink V187 Software 1

What’s new in Renolink V1.87 software?


  • Software Database for Renolink is 2019.
  • read/write eeprom and read/write flash for dashboard Dacia Logan2 / Dacia Sandero2 / Dacia Lodgy / Dacia Docker / Dacia Duster ph2 from years 2013-2014 and 2014-2017
  • Read/write flash, eeprom and km were added for dashboard (VDO) Mégane 3 and Fluence 2015+
  • Read and write flash, eeprom and km for the Laguna 3 dashboard.
  • Read/write km – read/write eeprom – read/write flash for dashboard Renault Fluence. Also was added key programming UCH BMT Sagem for Dacia Solenza, Dacia Supernova, Renault Twingo, Renault Kangoo, Renault Master (years 1998-2003)
  • Read/write km for dashboard Renault Modus
    Read/write km, read/write eeprom for dashboard Koleos
  • Was added into program : KEY PROG
    * key programming for Dacia Logan 2
    * key programming for Dacia Sandero 2
    * key programming for Dacia Duster ph 2
    * key programming for Dacia Lodgy
    * key programming for Dacia Dokker
    * key programming for Renault Clio Symbol 3


In this version was implemented:
– reading of PIN code for HFM Renault Clio 4 and Renault Captur 2016+, a valid Card is required to teach HFM, because the procedure virginses it.
Also a new database from december 2019 was added.
this version we added cards programming for Clio4 (2012-2015), also a new database from July 2019
Was added into this update:
deletion immo code from the power steering (DAE) in Dacia Duster ph3.
the encoding is automatic – at the first ignition.
Was added: learn ecu from DACIA Logan 2 / DACIA Sandero / DACIA Lodgy / DACIA Docker / DACIA Duster ph2 
This update is for well known problem with ECM V42 )

V1.87 Renolink Features: 
Clear Crash Airbag
Read/write eeprom
EPS Virginizer
Keys (news Dacia Duster Docker Logan new)

Card Laguna 3 / Megane 3
TDB (cluster) and much more

All functions work by OBD connector.

Renolink V187 Software 3 Renolink V187 Software 4 Renolink V187 Software 5


PCB Comparison 

OBDlink-sxUSB with Renolink 1.52

There are 2 versions of  OBDLink USB interface with green board:  both blue cable and red cable come with 1.52 software


Renault Renolink Obd2 V1 52

Renolink V152 PcbRenolink V152 Pcb 2


Renolink V152 Red Case Pcb 1

Renolink V152 Red Case Pcb

OBDlink-sxUSB with Renolink 1.87

red usb interface with better quality red board

Renault Link V187 Renault Link V187 1 Renault Link V187 2

* Renolink 1.52 and 1.87 uses different hardware. Cannot update software 1.52 to 1.87 directly.



Stability Comparison:

Renolink 1.52 blue case green board < Renolink 1.52 red case with green board < Renolink 1.87 red case with red board


Activation Comparison:

Both crack version. Does not require activation. But need to install driver.


How to Install Renolink V1.87 Software on Windows 7?


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