Free Download Renolink 1.52 Windows 7/8/10 32&64 bit

Free download Renault RenOlink 1.52 on Windows 7/8/10:

security: UNKNOWN – it’s your own risk

tested version can be found here:

RenOLink 1.52 operating system:

Windows 7 32&64Bit
Windows 8 32&64Bit
Windows 8.1 32&64Bit
Windows 10 32&64Bit

RenOLink 1.52 installation:
1. dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe
2. renolink_setup3.exe
3. CDM21218_Setup_720 (ftdi cmd drivers)
4. open installed folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\RenOLink)
5. renolink.dat and RenOLink.exe replaced file

6. RUN application

RenOLink 1.52 questions and answers:


Can Renolink do odometer correction?



Renolink can change vin?



Renolink clone can program an ecu and make new keys?

It can work for some but not all. You should test it yourself.


Renolink has the English version only? any French version?

The menu is in English, but the language can be French when you connect the cable to some vehicles.


Will Renolink add key and correct mileage on a Renault Megane 2016?



Can I install Renolink 1.52 software on Windows 7?

Yes. 100% tested.


Will renolink reset fault code on 2008 Renault clio 3 1.5 dci ?



The system said “invalid interface”


Go to computer management to setup the driver. if it doesnt work, try to unplug and plug the cable


Support protocol KWP2000?



Do diagnostic tests on Renault?



Can Renolink OBD cable program a new keys?

Yes, but not work for all Renault.


Is it possible to install Renolink software on multiple devices?

Yes. you can install Renolink on different laptops.


Can i use Renolink for programming RenoFllash password without codes?

You should test it yourself.


What’s the functionality of your Renolink?

Renolink has many features like UCH matching, airbag programming,  engine ECU programming, key coding, key deletion, dashboard coding,  eeprom and flash reading and writing in Renault and Dacia vehicles.


You can connect Renolink programmer device to vehicles via OBD socket,  and you can make programming easily and delete memory and introduce units  without disassembling ECU, EPROM and flash drives.


Thanks to the Renolink,  you can easily virginize and re-program the parts like UCH, motor bracket, indicator, airbag module, fuse table, which are installed new or used ones

on the Renault and Dacia vehicles.


Mine is usb serial port com 4, but your installation video shows com 3. How to solve?

com 3 also okay. from com 1 – com 10.


There is nothing in software 64x scenic & megane. the software should support scenic 1 phase kwp2000. correct? but when i tried on Laguna 2 diesel, the software cannot recognize my cable



Pls try your Renolink cable on other vehicles first. kwp2000 is confirmed to work. if the device cannot be found in the system. pls open computer management to check if there is a Renolink driver or not. and the last, you can try to change your laptop.



RenOLink 1.52 tech support: